GTA Online’s Festive Surprise Snapmatic Competition and Livestream

Rockstar recently announced and released the all new Festive Surprise DLC for GTA Online, and it includes a wide range of new content and features that will be made available gradually throughout the holiday season. The initial release contained a large pack of free masks and outfits with a Christmas theme to get players dressed for the occasion, as well as some festive decorations for your apartments, mansions and yachts.


Very near to the actual release, a series of leaks revealed exactly when the DLC will go live, and what players could expect it to add. Rockstar has since announced that GTA Online players will be getting various gifts throughout the DLC’s life-span, so you should not be surprised at the lack of the Tampa muscle car in the announcement, yet.

The Snapmatic Competition though, the terms and conditions document of which spoiled the time of release for the DLC, is in full swing. Much like all the other Snapmatic competitions which were tied to DLC releases, this one as well has a grand prize of $GTA 1 Million, which three lucky winners will receive.

To be eligible for the prize, your submitted shot must contain some of the newly added content, which admittedly isn’t a lot at the moment. You’ll be graded on creativity, originality and image composition. Chances are that the winners will be announced alongside those who won the Executives and Other Criminals competition.

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GTA Online’s already impressive roster of Adversary Modes will also be expanded, as promised by Rockstar. Could our idea of a deadly snowball-fight Adversary Mode become reality? We’ll find out during the run of the GTA Online holiday season.

Rockstar is also commemorating the release of the Christmas DLC for GTA Online by hosting a special festive livestream event. The Official GTA Online Holiday Party Livestream will feature guest players from the community. We’ll give you more details on this when we have them.

Who’s gonna be participating in this Snapmatic Competition?

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