GTA Online's Declasse Tornado Custom Is Available

Rockstar has now made the Declasse Tornado Custom, the lowrider version of the regular Tornado, available in GTA Online as per their announcement. While the vehicle was only recently revealed, players knew of its impending arrival thanks to a few leaks concerning the new lowriders themselves and their projected release dates.

Rockstar officially unveiled the Tornado Custom last week, just before kicking off a 7 day GTA Online event dedicated entirely to the new lowrider. The event features a number of opportunities to accumulate twice as much RP from jobs compared to the regular amount. There's also a ton of discounts, primarily at Benny's Original Motorworks.

The Tornado Custom was made available for purchase at Benny's just a few hours ago, allowing players either to take their already owned Tornado for an upgrade, or to buy an upgraded version right at the garage. The Tornado Custom introduces a whole range of never before seen vehicle upgrades, as each lowrider is entirely unique in the modifications you can buy for it.



Many players have taken to community boards to discuss the new Tornado Custom, with the majority declaring it to be the best lowrider currently in GTA Online. The Tornado will soon be joined by the Minivan and the Sabre GT later this month, both released a week apart from one another.

The three April lowriders were already technically added to GTA Online a while ago, as they were present in the game files of the Lowriders: Custom Classics DLC. It was in these files that data miners happened upon them, leading to the leaks. New lowriders won't be the only new content coming in April (to the relief of some), as based on a few in-game models, there will be a pair of football related Adversary Modes added as well.


Which of GTA Online's three April lowriders is your favorite?

Aron Gerencser
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