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GTA Online's Content Creator Updated


With last week's Youga Classic bringing the Bikers DLC 'season' to a close, we've come up on our in-between-DLCs week for GTA Online where Rockstar is filling out the interim with a special event to tide players over until the next major update (and maybe a little something for Christmas) is released.

That said, they've brought more to the table than with your standard weeklong events. Beyond the discounts and promos, Rockstar added something bound to get any players who like using the Content Creator to craft their own jobs - but first, the promos and discounts!

Rockstar pretty much always has some kind of x2 RP and cash promotion going on every week in GTA Online, and this time around it's an assortment of three Adversary Modes that will have you seeing double when you check your rewards at the end of the matches. Through the 7th of December, Drop Zone, Power Play and Kill Quota will all yield twice as much in rewards.


A bunch of items and properties - including a few really expensive ones - are also being discounted while the event lasts. Executive offices, which are required for running the crate missions introduced to GTA Online in the Further Adventures of Finance and Felony DLC, are going for just half of their full price. This deal comes in particularly handy for anyone looking to jump into CEO work since the offices start at one million and only get more expensive from there.

Those of you who already have an office and don't want an upgrade, you might be interested in redecorating - all office customization items also benefit from the 50% off discount allowing you to trick out your base of operations on the cheap side.

Gta V Buzzard Helicopter

In terms of vehicles, it seems that those deals are also geared towards CEOs. The Buzzard Attack Chopper is available at half off, which is an essential element of any discerning CEO's arsenal, as it will make defending your precious cargo that much easier.

Two other vehicles that fit the CEO-bill on sale are the speedy Pegassi Reaper and the elegant Enus Windsor, both at a 25% markdown. A fourth ride, the Vapid Desert Raid, also got the same treatment, however, this vehicle isn't quite one we think of when talking about wheels essential for a CEO.

Getting from A to B is one thing, but in GTA Online chances are you'll need to engage in gratuitous violence along the way. Luckily, Ammunation is also joining this week's lineup of sales, slicing the price of Sniper Rifles, Shotguns and Body armour by 25% across the board.


Which brings us to the main attraction of this new event: the expansion of the Content Creator. You might remember a good while ago, Rockstar added the Stunt Race Creator to GTA Online - it was a pretty big deal at the time - bringing all new props to the table, allowing players to put together insane, death-defying race courses in keeping with the theme established by the Cunning Stunts update.

Well, the special stunt props - hundreds of them - have now been made available in the Deathmatch, Last Team Standing and Capture Creators as well! All those wacky stunting props that spiced up the racetracks can now be used in myriad creative ways to create PvP combat maps unlike anything the game has seen before.


The new props include various traps, set-pieces, those tubes that became so iconic and much more. Over 200 new props are now available in the various job creators. We're keen on seeing some of the more creative ways players put these new tools to use. Rockstar might consider hosting another Creator Contest... oh wait, that Stunt Race Creator Contest never had its winners announced. Well then...

Also, the obligatory new Premium Race has been designated: Turbine. The game's top racers will be dodging the remorseless blades of renewable energy through the 7th of December for the coveted 100k first-place reward. It's not too big a loss if you don't make top three though, as all participants get a neat triple RP bonus.

Will you be taking advantage of these GTA Online discounts, or are you keen on pocketing the extra cash from Adversary Modes?


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