GTA Online’s Christmas DLC Soon To Be Announced?

Executives and Other Criminals, the next main DLC update, has been announced, and is arriving next week. However, one of the big remaining questions for us is: when will Rockstar unveil the special Holiday DLC for GTA Online? The days of December are rapidly passing and there has yet to be any official word on how players will be able to celebrate the festivities within GTA Online.


Releasing thematic DLC packs for GTA Online is something Rockstar has been doing for some time now. They did it with Halloween, they did it with Thanksgiving, they did it with Independence Day and they did it with Christmas (previously). Based on the same leak that outed Executives and Other Criminals a while back, Rockstar is planning for Santa to visit Los Santos this year too, however there has yet to be any official word.

Granted, there have been cases in the past when the announcement and release of a thematic GTA Online DLC pack happened on the same day, so it is entirely possible that the same will occur this year. In that case, Rockstar certainly still has some time left, but if the other DLCs are anything to go on, they’ll probably release it slightly ahead of the actual event taking place.

Players can expect the Holiday DLC to add new clothing items and weapons to the game, based on the leak. If Executives and Other Criminals does in fact include the apartment customization feature, you can also expect a limited-time Christmas Tree and other decorations to become available.


Rockstar also recently adopted the trend of flooding GTA Online with all new Adversary Modes, like Slasher for Halloween, Running Back for Thanksgiving and, most recently, Every Bullet Counts. Maybe, in the spirit of the holidays, they’ll release a Snowball Fight Adversary Mode, where players are armed with nothing but grenades.

What features or items do you hope the Holiday DLC for GTA Online will contain?

Aron Gerencser
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