GTA Online’s Capture Week Kicked Off

Surprising absolutely no one, yet another GTA Online event has begun right after the previous one has ended. While Combat Week, the previous event, placed heavy emphasis on an aggressive solution to the over-population problem, this week the violence is dialed back – just a bit.


Rockstar has been running event weeks back to back for over a month now, touching on various themes with each one to keep things fresh. These event weeks each provide a wide range of discounts, opportunities for earning double GTA $ and RP, as well as some kind of event-exclusive bonus.

To get the important thing out of the way first: no, unfortunately the event-week does not include any major DLC. When certain signs indicated that we might be getting some new content for GTA Online, we thought it was safe to assume that it would happen today, with the launch of the new event, or that it would be announced.


At least we know what to expect down the line. Rockstar has given players a brief glimpse at what the future of GTA Online will look like – and it looks like it will have a better Content Creator and a player-run competitive Black Market as a followup to the magnificent Executives and Other Criminals update from last year.

While we’re waiting for those updates, Rockstar hopes to keep us entertained with Capture Week, lasting through the 26th of May, starting from today. Unless the title gave it away, the main theme this time around will be the Capture game mode.


As such, the double cash and RP promo this week applies to these jobs. During the weekend, all Capture jobs, whether they’re official or player-made will reward players with twice the GTA $ and RP. Once the weekend is up, only the RP promo will still be active. This also applies to the Event playlists.

There will be two playlists running during the event. Through the 22nd, GTA: All Abhorred, Contend: Townhall Trinity, Raid: Wargames will all give players double payouts on both RP and in-game money. The second playlist, running till the end of the event will only provide double RP. The jobs for that playlist are Contend: Condo-monium, GTA: Grab a Cab, Hold: Freight Fight.


Players logging in to join the fun will be awarded with an exclusive in-game T-Shirt to commemorate the event. Just like in the past, all you need to do to unlock the shirt is to log in at any time while the event lasts. Not to look a gift shirt in the teeth, but it is just a simple black shirt with “Meltdown” written on it – either way, it is a decent addition to your wardrobe.

While this event may be skimping on the double cash payouts, it isn’t holding anything back in terms of discounts. Everything that is on sale, has had its price slashed by 50% – and some of these things are essential for running successful heists.


Among the discounted goods is the game’s most useful and least balanced vehicle, the Kuruma. The 50% discount is valid for the Armored version as well, which is an essential part of a fan-favorite Pacific Standard Heist cheesing method. The armored Kuruma is also particularly effective in several job-types and is almost universally hated by those who do not use it.

If you’ve bought yourself a shiny new douche-mobile, you might as well give it a twice-over with tweaks. Tricking out your ride with upgraded brakes, turbo mods and engine tweaks will also only set you back half as much as it would otherwise.


Speaking of heists, all heist clothing (meaning the actual heist-specific outfit options as well as any clothing items added in the Heists update) is half-price while the event lasts. This includes the armored heist-vest, if we are not mistaken. Could a reader confirm?

Now that you have the car and the outfit for your upcoming heist, all that remains is the ordnance – and with the discounts on all explosives, you’ll have plenty. Grenades, Sticky Bombs, Proximity Mines and Rockets are all discounted, meaning both heists and deathmatches will probably be rather explosive this coming week.


Moving away from the practical and toward the flashy, Rockstar has also slashed the price on the Gold Luxor private jet – meaning now it “only” costs GTA $5 million. The luxury jet was introduced in the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC, instantly gaining infamy as the most useless way to spend money in-game. The Gold Luxor allows players to smoke cigars, drink champagne and browse the internet without having to use the in-game phone.

With the recent tease of the major DLC updates coming down the line, the community won’t be easily distracted with these event weeks. As DLC has been a tad sparse for GTA Online this year so far, the players are hungry for new content to sink their teeth into. The chances of anything major coming in May are slim at best, however it is guaranteed that we’re looking at a solid summer.


It was also recently confirmed that Rockstar has some major projects in the works to show off at E3 this year. While this mostly means a new game, it would be surprising if they didn’t unveil something GTA Online related at the expo.  A map expansion with a new city, perhaps?

Which part of GTA Online’s Capture Week has you most excited? The shirt, the discounts, or the prospect of full Capture lobbies?

Aron Gerencser
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