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GTA Online Gets Western Seabreeze, More Halloween Bonuses

After anniversary celebrations saw the Vigilante added to GTA Online on a day other than a Tuesday, Rockstar Games has now put their DLC releases back on the traditional schedule, which also means the shortest wait between two releases is now over.

The Western Seabreeze splashed down into Online.

The newest vehicle is an amphibious plane which allows for water landings. The Seabreeze is almost entirely based on the Seawind 300c, even in name. The small two-seater has distinctive curved wings and a propeller rising above the cabin fixed to the tail. The whole plane is relatively small.

The Seabreeze doesn't come with any defensive capabilities but can be upgraded with dual machine guns and a bomb bay. While it's a nimble craft, capable of matching the speed of the Howard NX-25, the fact that it's practically made of paper makes it an easy target. Plus the weapons are far too weak to provide an effective defense.

As a sightseeing plane, the Seabreeze is priced accordingly, setting you back GTA$ 1,130,500 at full price and a very affordable $850,000 at discount.

Rockstar is also hosting some one-day bonuses in commemoration of Halloween by adding further activities to their already long list of double rewards promos running to celebrate the game's anniversary, through the 6th.

Joining Condemned and the Halloween Playlist are Slasher, Slasher vs Beast, Lost vs Damned, Come Out And Play and finally the new transform race Inferno (see how all of these sound like horror B-movie titles?).  The returning Halloween items are also still on sale.

Non-Halloween bonuses are also here in force as Rockstar is switching back to the standard Tuesday rotation. With the joint anniversary/Halloween event still on-going, these additions mean that the most double reward promos are running at the same given time ever. The recently added Stockpile Adversary mode is the newest addition to this club.

New discounts have rolled around as well with the magical 25% reigning supreme over all.

The items on sale include the Western Company Besra, Nagasaki Blazer Aqua, Hangar Custom Shop Add-On, Progen GP1, Grotti Cheetah Classic, HVY Insurgent, Lampadati Toro and finally, all melee weapons.

After the pretty major event from a few days ago, this one might seem a tad anticlimactic, but these standard events are enough to keep things fresh week by week.

The next major event for the game on the horizon is whatever Rockstar has in store for the holiday season, including snowfall.


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