New In GTA Online: Weeny Dynasty Sports Classic

Heads up vintage fans, this one is for you. Rockstar definitely had collectors, hipsters and literal grandparents in mind when designing GTA Online's latest ride. Joining this fossil is a much newer and flashier one spinning on the Diamond's podium, as well as a suite of bonuses and discounts.

The Weeny Dynasty Sports Classic is the game's newest vehicle, though we use "new" very loosely in this case. This 4-door vintage saloon looks like it popped straight off the screen from a golden-age silver screen classic. Lovers of retro are probably already drooling over this old beauty, and we're sure you'll be happy to hear that it has a very attractive price. The Weeny Dynasty Sports Classic can be yours for just GTA$ 450,000.


Last week, GTA Online players could sink their teeth into an all new Adversary Mode, King of the Hill. To celebrate its release, Rockstar was giving double rewards to everyone who tried it out. That same offer still stands, extending through this week as well. While you're busy winning matches, you can make even more on the side with Double Nightclub income through the 23rd of October.

On top of these bonuses you can also take advantage of your growing criminal enterprise by earning 50% more GTA$ on Import/Export missions, as well as twice as much GTA$ and RP on Bikers Sell Missions, Smuggler's Run Sell Missions and Gunrunning Sell Missions. These represent the absolute best earning activities in the game, especially if you are equipped with a Nightclub Warehouse, so now is the perfect opportunity to earn massive amounts of GTA$.

This week you can grab the decadent Ocelot Locust from the Diamond's lucky wheel, and there are several new additions in the Casino Store as well. You can also take advantage of several discounts, centered around the many business related bonuses. Executive Offices, Clubhouses, Hangars, Bunkers and Nightclubs are all half price, as well as all of their upgrades and add-ons. A couple of vehicles are also discounted.

Aron Gerencser
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