GTA Online Weapon Sale

With the last of the double RP and GTA$ events going full steam ahead, Rockstar has begun to cycle through the limited-time sales associated with these events. During this week, players who complete the Pacific Standard Job heist, its set-up missions and a few other assorted jobs and activities in the open world of Los Santos will eligible for various bonuses.


Other than the week long double bonuses, Rockstar has is also discounting certain items for a few hours at a time over the course of the event to give players some additional incentive to spend all that disposable income they have flowing in from the rewards times two. Previously, Rockstar slashed the price of some of the game’s more expensive vehicles. If you’re quick, you can still snag the Heavy Sniper Rifle and the Homing Launcher at half price, which is a great deal for those of you looking to expand your arsenal with some brutal firepower. This sale is a bit more substantial than the discounts placed on mere cosmetic items or just ammunition as before. Time to dominate those deathmatches with expertly placed headshots or just blowing up absolutely everything!

The Pacific Standard Job heist is a pretty run of the mill bank robbery with some of the signature GTA flavoring added. The current event, of which this heist is the theme of, is the last in a long string of consecutive double RP and GTA$ Rockstar has organised since the second part of the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC launched. Initially, players thought that the event’s purpose was to allow them to recover financially after the expensive items were added to the game. As the events continued, some began to theorize that this is Rockstar’s way of giving GTA Online players more incentive to gain their money in-game, as opposed to with hacks. By now, based on some other evidence, it is believed that these GTA Online events may be leading up to something. That something is most likely a new GTA Online content update, containing the ‘Lowlife‘ DLC.

Will you guys be picking up one of these weapons?

Aron Gerencser
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