GTA Online: Vehicles We Want To See In Gunrunning

While the recently released Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit update has plenty of entertaining content, and we're still waiting on a few cars and Adversary Modes to drop in the coming weeks, the update players are most anticipating is the as of yet unnamed gunrunning update that was recently announced along with the update we already got.

Chopper Tanks

What we do know about the upcoming update is that it will add a new gameplay mechanic centered around gun smuggling and fighting off various militias that have sprung up in the northern half of the map. Rockstar also promised a host of weaponized vehicles to help us in this new enterprise.

We've already done our part in terms of speculation regarding the upcoming update, as we don't know whether gunrunning is part of the CEO series, a follow-up to Bikers or its own thing. We're eager to learn more about the specifics of how the new mechanic will work and are hoping that it will be more than just a reskin of crate missions.


That said, another major factor and source of hype is the promise of the weaponized vehicles. A military themed DLC has been almost as hotly requested as Bikers was, or a police DLC. While this likely won't be military outright, it might be the closest thing we'll get.


When it comes to the weaponized vehicles, we hope to get a blend of entirely new models as well as some rides already in the game with a deadly upgrade. Fans have already begun discussions regarding what vehicles they hope to see in the update and we thought we'd weigh in as well.

The New

First, let's look at those which have never been featured in GTA Online before and that we hope end up being new additions to the game. Two of these are more or less obvious choices, since they were already developed for the game pre-release but ended up being cut from the final version.


We're talking about the Hunter Attack Helicopter, which is the GTA-ified Apache, and the Humvee which has a model but no fantasy-name for the game's lore. Both of these vehicles were shown in promotional material for GTA 5 before the game was released. We're not sure why they were cut from the final version, but since then Rockstar had plenty of time to iron out any issues and make them ready for primetime.

Another ride we'd love to see in the game is the relatively new ZIL Punisher - the one which someone recently modded into the game. It looks badass, it's pretty modern and few games feature it, so it would be a great addition to the lineup.

To expand the current line of armored vehicles with offensive capabilities, something that fits somewhere in between the HVY Insurgent and the Rhino tank would be welcome. Some kind of the APC style of vehicles would be awesome, allowing for multiple players to be transported in it while also rocking a turret.


Speaking of turrets, something with an anti-air outfit strapped to its rear would be the best addition we can think of. The Hydra griefers are the next worst thing now that the hackers have been dealt with, and this would be an elegant solution to that problem. There would be no need to nerf the Hydra if Rockstar simply added something to the game which can merrily wipe the floor with the bloody thing.

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To mix up the aircraft meta in GTA Online, something that would truly feel new would be a craft with VTOL capability that isn't the Hydra. This time it would rather be propeller-based, such as the Osprey. The game is already filled to the brim with land vehicles, so greater variety in the other types would be welcome.

Taking the battle to sea would also be an awesome way to expand the opportunities players have in the game. Weaponized marine vehicles would certainly make Piracy Prevention more interesting and would allow for greater mission variety as well. Starting off with a turreted patrol boat would be dandy.

The Upgraded

GTA Online already boasts as massive - arguably too big - vehicle library, and some of these rides would be even cooler with a weaponized variant available. The Insurgent already proved that strapping a gun to a car can work well, so why not do it to more rides?

Gta Online Heists New Screenshot

One thing that would be awesome to see is a variant of one of the many bikes in the game - the bike nuts among our readers will likely know which one is best suited to this - with a sidecar that has an MG attached to it. Sidecars have been oft requested but the military variant is even cooler a concept.

One of the easiest modifications would be taking the JB 700, which already has guns on it, and actually making the weapons functional. Right now the classic spy car only has weapons for show and they cannot be used for whatever odd reason. Hell, Rockstar could even do this change and not announce it or list it in the changelog. Instead just leave it there as an easter egg to be accidentally discovered.

The Vapid Sandking also looks like it could be modded to be a weaponized ride, with a bit of armor and a weapon tossed into the rear. It would be like a premium version of the Technical with better stats across the board, but a price tag to match.


"Weaponized" can mean many things, so let's not get bogged down at "put guns on it". We'd love to see some ideas that are a little more fantastical, such as an armored Burrito with an EMP generator hooked up inside that would disable any electronics within a given range. Players wouldn't be able to make calls, which means no Pegasus, no deliveries, no services.

But of course, there's the one painfully obvious addition that everyone in the GTA Online community can't wait to have. We all know in our hearts that this is the vehicle that will complete the game for us and make it a truly perfect experience. Rockstar, listen up: just duct-tape a nuke to the Faggio, please?

On a more serious note, if nothing else then the gunrunning update will offer guaranteed respite from the recent slew of supercars we've been getting for the game. It's unlikely that they will have any place in an update with gunrunning as the main gimmick, so we can all take a breather and relish in the wider variety of new vehicles in the game.

Get it?
Get it?

There's no concrete release date for gunrunning set and all we have right now is just a short verbal teaser. That said, we're expecting it to drop late May or in the summer at the latest. It seems that Rockstar intends it as the largest update of the year, something to rival Heists in terms of content.

We're eager to see what kinds of vehicles will join GTA Online's lineup with the release. As always, we'll be covering any and all news regarding this upcoming DLC as it happens.


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