GTA Online Valentine’s Day Event Kicked Off

Rockstar had just released its newest GTA Online DLC for the event of Valentine’s Day along with the all new Adversary Mode Till Death Do Us Part. The Be My Valentine update saw the return of the Roosevelt and the Gusenberg Sweeper from last year as well as the addition of a host of all new clothing items. Granted, most of this was known to players a bit sooner than Rockstar wanted. While the event may only be here for the weekend, the items added in the DLC are in the game permanently so there is no rush to buy it all before the deadline.


But what would a thematic DLC be without its own GTA Online event?  Lasting from yesterday all the way till the 18th of February, the Be My Valentine Event has plenty of new ways to make some serious cash. The obligatory double RP and GTA $ promo this time around is on the new Adversary Mode. Whether you’re just jumping in to a match of Till Dead Do Us Part or going through the playlist, you’ll get twice as much cash. Players completing the playlist will even receive a unique fireworks launcher and matching ammo to liven things up a bit.

Since the celebration of the Day of Saint Valentine is all about couples and pairing up, Rockstar geared this event with that in mind. Activities which require two people (at least. No one’s judgmental here…). Things like arm wrestling and riding in a vehicle with another player double your RP intake, allowing you to level up twice as fast. Unfortunately Rockstar opted not to double cash rewards for these activities – that would be too easy for the players, wouldn’t it?


GTA Online is an extremely immersive game and is filled to the brim with all kinds of side-activities with no actual impact on your character or your progression. Among these are some typical date activities which have now been made free of charge while the event lasts. Why you’d want to “go on a date” in GTA V is beyond us but going to the cinema in-game, or taking a ride on the roller-coaster or Ferris wheel won’t be setting you back any GTA $.

Nothing says “Be My Valentine” like a volley of lead, so ammunition for SMGs (which means the Sweeper!) costs half as much during the event than it usually does. No gangster worth his salt would venture out into the streets without his Tommy gun fully loaded.


Log-in rewards return in the shape of two shirts. Players who boot up GTA Online during Saturday and Sunday will get a free, exclusive shirt each day. Granted, these are a lot more simple than some of the one’s we saw in the past but hey, free clothes.

Photographers, time to whip your phones out (I bet that made you cringe)! The Be My Valentine Snapmatic contest is on. Rockstar usually announces a Snapmatic contest during the event associated with a new DLC release, so this should be familiar ground. Unlimited entries. $GTA 1 million cash prize. You know the drill.


No proper DLC-warming week-long event would be complete with some merchandise being given away. Social Club members will get the chance to nick some sweet physical GTA V goods if they keep their eyes out. Scented candles, pendants, greeting cards and best-selling soundtracks are up for the taking.

Rockstar is also hosting a livestream, like they usually do. Rockstar staff and some guest players will be taking the new Adversary Mode out for a spin on the official Twitch channel.

Which part of this new GTA Online event are you most excited about?

Aron Gerencser
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