GTA Online Valentine’s Day Snapmatic Winners Announced

In the time since the final port of GTA V has been released we’ve had time to grow accustomed to a number of patterns Rockstar has fallen into. A DLC release, big or small, means there’s going to be a special event to commemorate it in GTA Online. Such a DLC event, in turn, means a Snapmatic competition in the theme of the released DLC with a 1 Million GTA$ reward for the best photos. Several of these have been held over the months and some of the community’s best photographers have managed to win more than once.


The most recent DLC release which has such an event linked to it was the Be My Valentine update earlier this month. Rockstar has now announced the winners of that competition. Despite even the title of the update focusing on Valentine’s Day, the community seemingly focused more on the retro gangster theme the new content in it had going.

First up, we have an L.A. Noire cross-over shot. The new outfits made available by the DLC have made it possible to accurately portray scenes from that other Rockstar game.


Next, a rather creative mob hit has been caught on camera. Usually, unwanted individuals are dumped into the river or fed to pigs.


The creator of this snap obviously took inspiration from the legendary criminal couple, Bonnie and Clyde, as the name and the easter-egg license plate clearly suggest.


More or less the only image among the winners which really conveyed the whole Valentine’s Day theme, this picture may as well be an official advertisement for the Roosevelt.


Is that a screenshot from a AAA mafioso video game, released by a professional marketing team? Nope, it’s a photo made in GTA V. Now you understand why we keep bringing up the incredible talent in the GTA community.


Did any of you guys enter this GTA Online snapmatic competition?

Aron Gerencser
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