GTA Online Valentine's Day Event Now Live

Rockstar Games isn't skipping Valentine's Day in Grand Theft Auto Online this year either, commemorating the couple's event with much the same bonuses as we've seen the past few occasions. Beyond a few specific extras, you can grab some discounted items and get a free unlock.

Till Death Do Us Part is the traditional Adversary Mode getting the payout bonuses on Valentine's Day in GTA Online, and this year is no different. Pair up with your significant other and watch each other's back - every team of two has one life between them, with your goal being to eliminate the others. This week, the mode is dealing out triple GTA$ and RP.


Joining this mode is Shotgun Wedding, a Deathmatch map centered around a quiet little chapel in Paleto Bay. This is one ceremony where it isn't your friends who are gathered. Bring ample ammo and snacks, because the only rings involved here are the ones getting yanked out of grenades - Shotgun Wedding also pays out triple this week.

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If you're spending this year's Valentine's alone and have absolutely had it with the lovey-dovey nonsense, tune it all out with DJ missions. Grab the performers of your nightclub or The Music Locker whatever strikes their fancy for a double payout. You can always drown your sorrows in the free champagne at nightclubs while you're there handing off missions.

All players logging into GTA Online this week will automatically unlock the free Buckingham Luxe Tee if they complete one requirement: complete any Heist finale. If you'd hedge your bets on fortune rather than skill, you can always spin the Lucky Wheel at the Diamond for a chance to get a free Vapid Dominator GTX.

This week's discounts include a 40% price reduction on the Albany Roosevelt, the Albany Roosevelt Valor, all Nightclub properties, the Buckingham Valkyrie, the Ocelot Swinger (ironically), the Buckingham Luxor, the Buckingham Luxor Deluxe, the Buckingham Swift and the Buckingham Swift Deluxe. Nothing says "Valentine's Day" quite like limitless consumerism!


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