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GTA Online Valentine's Day DLC Leaked

Today GTA Online got a surprise update which added two new vehicles to Benny's Original Motorworks. The whole thing was really low key with no official word on the update. The only thing notifying players that anything happened was a small in-game prompt which wasn't even up for the first few hours of the update. This new update brought a wealth of bug fixes and tweaks as well as a fully customizable Sultan and Banshee.


However, it seems that it also brought some unlisted content too. Some of the first players to discover there was more to the patch than simple bug fixes immediately dived into the game files to see what they could dig up.

True enough, our dedicated data miners managed to discover what this year's Valentine's Day DLC will contain. A number of dev comments (some very much WIP) along with new game files have been uncovered in relation to what is called "mpvalentines2". This naming format fits Rockstar's typical update naming scheme.


This year's Valentine's update will contain a lot of lingerie and other kinds of elegant or sultry clothing items for your GTA Online characters.

When we say a lot, we mean a freaking boatload. Reading through that list would make any pasty conservative sweat (with rage, of course). We sure hope that the various colored beads the update adds are of the jewelry kind...


Moving on from titillating clothes, the update also adds a new car. Technically this vehicle has been present in the game already as the Roosevelt, which was a limited time vehicle last February. This version is a remodeled car, with a description starting with "They don't make them like the used to..." suggesting there are some differences. We can also expect some special events, and probably an Adversary Mode too.

Which part of the GTA Online Valentine's Day DLC are you most looking forward to? (Please, please don't say the beads...)


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