GTA Online Update Adds Cars To Benny's

Rockstar isn't really known for stealth releases however the newest content update for GTA Online has snuck out into the wild in a rather low key fashion.

The unnamed DLC came with a typical bug fix and tweak patch, and players only discovered it by accident. It seems that the list of 12 upcoming DLC vehicles leaked way way back is slowing being ticked off. 6 came with Lowriders and 2 with the Halloween DLC (the ones which were added with Executives and Other Criminals were not on the list).



This secret update has brought new customizable versions of cars which already existed in the game. The Sultan and the Banshee have now been added to the list of vehicles which are serviced by Benny's Original Motorworks, the new shop which opened during the launch of Lowriders. Benny's is of course the shop where you could customize the titular vehicles for a bloody fortune.

On release the Lowriders DLC only contained 6 rides which could be tricked out with the flashiest bling. It was hinted at before that more customizable vehicles would come, we just didn't know when.

As with the lowriders, the two new vehicles also need the customization upgrade before you can have at them - and this comes at a hefty price. Upgrading the Banshee will set you back GTA$565,000 while the pricier Sultan has a GTA$795,000 upgrade fee.


After you've brought the upgrade both vehicles will be customizable to the same extent as any of the launch lowriders, minus the new wheels and hydraulics. The two new sports cars now serviced by Benny's seem to confirm a popular fan theory that the store is not for lowriders alone, and over time we'll see more and more different kinds of vehicles become fully customizable.

What kinds of vehicles in GTA Online do you want to see coming to Benny's next?

Aron Gerencser
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