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GTA Online Upcoming Vehicles

GTA Online received its latest major DLC update yesterday in the form of Cunning Stunts, an all new take on racing.

Cunning Stunts pits players against one another in reality-defying races above the Los Santos skyline. The new stunt tracks are made up of insane jumps, loops, wallrides and all kinds of industrious traps that could knock you right out of the competition.


Of course, when you have an update that's all about racing, you can't go about it without some new rides to show for it - 13 new rides, to be exact. That list includes supers, sports cars, bikes, muscle cars and more, making the wishes of the car enthusiasts for more garage space even more valid.

Rockstar also added 16 of their own stunt race maps to tide you over until the 2nd of August, as the promised Content Creator overhaul won't be released before that. GTA Online players were a tad bummed about that, but it isn't too big of a tragedy with all the content that was added anyway.


Plus, in case somehow all this new stuff wouldn't last you till the release of the Stunt Race Creator, there are always Premium Races for you to sink your teeth (and money) into. These have limited availability and are recommended only for the most skilled of racers out there. Why?

Simple. Only 1st place gets a money reward, however it is one hell of a reward. Then again, if you have cash to spare but are hurting for some RP, go for it as all participants will receive triple the regular RP of races.


Rockstar isn't taking any chances though, so if even that isn't enough, don't fret as more content will be released between now and the 2nd. This includes new race tracks and, most importantly, new vehicles!

Back to the title of this article though...

The PC community being the industrious bunch of people that it is, has uncovered the fact that some of the aforementioned vehicles are technically already in GTA Online, but are locked. However, with a bit of virtual elbow grease, they have managed to dig up their names and even load up the models into the game engine for a sneak peek of what to expect.

In total, five new vehicles have been revealed so far including two sports cars, a truck, a bike and a large pickup truck. All of these have been since loaded up to show off their in-game looks and liveries. One vehicle is a variant of a returning ride, while the others are originals.


Kicking things off with the returning player, the Drift Tampa is a variant of the loved muscle car tricked out for racing and stunting, with a spoiler, engine exhaust coming out of the hood and some body mods differentiating it from the basic model.


Next up is the Lynx, seemingly based on an Aston Martin which will also be added to the sports class. The Cliffhanger is the new two wheeler to be added to the game and looks pretty bulky and tough, like a bike that can take a few hard falls and keep going.


The Contender is the new pickup, presumably a 4x4. In spite of Cunning Stunts' theme, this doesn't look like something you'd take out for a race. There is an optional bed cover for this ride as well as a mean looking frontal cage.


Finally, the most unique of the bunch is the Rally Truck, which looks like someone cut the Brickade in half and painted it hot red. We're not sure what kind of functionality this thing will have, but hopefully it will be as useful as its real life counterpart.


We have no info on their stats, specs or price, nor is it clear when they will be unlocked, but you can be sure to see them speeding around in GTA Online before the 2nd of August comes around.

Chances are some of these will be released alongside some new Stunt Race maps to buff out the current roster of 16. While these were the only rides revealed by snooping in the files, it is possible that ever more are on the way that haven't been uncovered by the players yet.

Which of the new GTA Online rides are you looking forward to?


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