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GTA Online: Both Upcoming DLC Cars Tested

If you're even remotely active in the GTA Online community there is a good chance you know the name Broughy1322. The Youtuber falls into the extremely small category of those GTA 5 content creators who don't shit their channels full of pointless clickbait videos and the same 3-minute clip multiple times just to get views and clicks. Broughy has been fighting the good fight and testing vehicles as they are added to the game with a purely performance-based method, and is pretty much your best source for vehicle info.

As you all undoubtedly know, GTA Online will soon be getting the Infernus Classic and Turismo Classic, two new rides which will be added to the sports classic class. They're both retro variants of cars currently available in the game currently and are updated versions of models seen in previous games in the franchise.

Info about the vehicles, their prices, and their 3D models have leaked some time ago, so we all knew what to expect in terms of looks for the new cars, but we didn't know anything about their performance. Thanks to the exploitability of tunables in the PC version of GTA 5 however, mods allow players to unlock and load up the new cars in singleplayer early on.

We also know the release schedule for the two vehicles. The Infernus Classic will be added to GTA Online tomorrow, while the Turismo Classic will be released next Tuesday, on the 4th, unless Rockstar throws a curveball and adds the Duke O'Death to the game before the Turismo.

Thanks to the testing done on the two upcoming vehicles by Broughy, players can now avoid falling into something of a masterful trap set to get people who care more about performance than looks to buy both vehicles. Of course, if you wanted to grab both based on looks alone then this won't interest you, but it's a funny little tactic nonetheless.

Currently the clear and obvious winner in the sports classic class is the Stirling GT, there's really no question about it. Now, based on testing, the Infernus Classic will be roughly around as good as the Stirling in races, if a tad better. Naturally, this means that the Infernus will be the new best car in that class.

However, before you rush out to buy the Infernus Classic the moment it becomes available, know this: the Turismo Classic is even better than the Infernus, and not by just a bit either. If you don't care for the looks of the new classic cars and only want to buy whichever is better, there is no need to leap onto the Infernus just because it's going to be the best car in the class for literally just one week.

In his video, Broughy quite clearly explains the relation between the three cars we've discussed here. Naturally when news spreads about the Infernus Classic beating the Stirling GT if only by a tad, people focusing on performance will rush out to buy it. However if the Infernus Classic and Turismo Classic were released at the same time, these particular players would buy the Turismo and just the Turismo.

Even though testing was preliminary so far the Turismo already proved that it will absolutely dominate the class and would even be a competitive vehicle were it placed into the regular sports class. Broughy even goes so far as to describe it as a supercar based on its performance, clearly emphasizing how much of a game changer this will be in the balance of the sports classic class.

We'll be getting the Infernus Classic tomorrow, so unless the looks and customization of the car are incentive enough for you to buy them, don't get too excited.


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