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GTA Online Transparent Crew Emblem Fixed

Rejoyce, all ye who have suffered the plight of the solid white background on GTA Online crew emblems! One of the most requested bug fixes in the history of Rockstar's multiplayer open-world crime romp has finally arrived to the joy of all players. An issue that has caused many a vehicle to become an eyesore has been fixed, hopefully once and for all.


But first, some explanation. If you're familiar with online multiplayer games, you'll know that the vast majority of them have some kind of affiliation system integrated, though the name changes on a case by case basis. Guilds, Clans, Factions, Orgs, or in the case of GTA Online, Crews, are (generally) international persistent groups of players which act as a team. They all represent their Crew and strive to further the crew's agenda. Crew-mates play together and tend to help each other out.

While the importance of these affiliations differs between games - in some cases, they are involved in the core mechanic - they don't have too much significance in GTA Online functionality-wise. However, they are more than important for the community.

While the hacker issue on PC has been solved, and hackers are still unable to get onto the current gen consoles, the Xbox 360 and PS3 are still pretty much infested. Plus, there are griefers and assholes everywhere. As such, playing in the crew-only private lobbies of your own team will ensure a non-toxic environment.

Crewmembers can represent their crew by emblazoning their Crew Emblem on their vehicles. Each GTA Online crew can create and upload, via the Social Club, a special icon or image that becomes the Crew's logo. There are a few decency rules, but the administrators of Crews are generally allowed to get creative.


It's also possible for Crew emblems to have a transparent background in case you didn't want an emblem that was a square. This allows emblems to look better from an aesthetic point of view on various vehicles, as well as allow for a wider range of designs.

In theory, at least. Some time ago (depending on platform, 2 years or 3 months ago) a tiny bug crept into the system wherein emblems with transparent backgrounds turned solid white. The best part of this issue was that the "transparent" white wasn't identical to any of the white shades available in game.


As such, any crew who wanted to simulate a transparent background had to create a background in the preferred color of the crew, and all members who didn't want their cars to look like ass but still represent the crew had to paint their vehicles that exact shade. You'll understand if this ruffled more than a few players.

However, we happily report that the issue is now fixed. It has been confirmed by several players across all platforms, so if you've had a sweet emblem with a transparent background in the pipe-line waiting for this moment, it's time!

Did you have to repaint any of your vehicles in GTA Online due ot this emblem bug in the past?

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