GTA Online Tornado Event Week Kicked Off

By Tornado week, Rockstar doesn't mean seven days of swirling natural disasters, but the recently announced GTA Online vehicle which will soon be making it's way to Benny's Original Motorworks. The Declasse Tornado Classic will be available at Benny's starting next Tuesday, April 5th. The arrival of the vehicle was something of a non-surprise due to not only it, but two other cars and their release dates being leaked beforehand.


The Tornado will be followed by the Minivan and the Sabre GT, each spread out a week from one another, with some ridiculously-named ("In and Out" and "Inch by Inch") football related Adversary Modes sprinkled in between. This will spread out new content in April neatly, keeping things nice and fresh throughout the month.



This kind of content spacing, in relation to average DLC size decreasing as frequency increases, has given some players the idea that Rockstar is trying to cover something up. Unfortunately, we probably won't know what it is until E3 2016 kicks off. An official announcement from Take-Two suggests Rockstar has something big to reveal.

In the meantime, Rockstar is providing players with plenty of ways to tide over until that time. Soon after the Tornado reveal, Rockstar announced and started the GTA Online event to accompany it. The star of the event is the as of yet unreleased Tornado Custom.


You won't have to wait for the other additions and goods however. To start things off, Rockstar has added two new maps for the Sumo Adversary Mode which as introduced in the Lowriders: Custom Classics DLC. The two new maps take place upon the deck of the docked SS Bulker and on the roof of the fancy bar down at Los Santos International Airport.

The event itself lasts through the 7th of April, meaning next Thursday. During that time, there will be select discounts in place for lowrider customization and other in-game items.


Unfortunately for players short on funds, this event skips the double cash payout promo, however there are plenty of double RP opportunities. Through the 3rd, all Sumo matches will yield double RP, switched off by a special Race playlist through the 5th, which will then be updated with new races running until the end of the event.

All events have their set of special discounts, and this one is no different. Since the Tornado is the star of this show, it's fitting that the main discount should be on lowrider upgrade items. Certain customization items will have their prices reduced by 25%, however the base upgrade is still a full-price affair.


If you're hurting for a Tornado Custom but have no-where to put it, do not fret, as there is a discount on garage space too. All properties with a 10 slot garage are discounted by 15% while the event lasts. Arming and stylizing your character is also cheaper during that time, as the Machete, Machine Pistol and all character customization items that were added in the Lowriders DLC are 30% off.

Which part of this new GTA Online event are you most excited about?

Aron Gerencser
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