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GTA Online: The Contract DLC - All USB / Media Sticks Locations

Along with the release of The Contract DLC, Rockstar has added three new media sticks for you to find and collect around Los Santos. Two of the media sticks can be collected at any given time, while the third and final one is only available after the completion of Dr. Dre's contract missions.

Each media stick unlocks a new song for your media player, and collecting all three unlocks a hoodie as a reward. This is similar to the media sticks that were added as part of the Los Santos Tuners update.

Here are all the locations where you can find the media sticks, as well as the respective song you unlock.

Video Guide

Media Stick 1

You can find the first media stick in the backyard of Franklin's house in Vinewood Hills.

There is a table next to the swimming pool with a red USB on it.

Song unlocked: Let's Get It by NEZ Ft. SchoolboyQ

Media Stick 2

The second media stick is found on the rooftop bar table of 'Record A Studios' in Rockford Hills. You will need a helicopter or any other flying vehicle to get there.

Song unlocked: You Wanna? by NEZ

Media Stick 3

The final media stick can be obtained after completing all of Dr. Dre's VIP contract missions. When you finish the final mission called 'Don't F*ck With Dre,' you will get a message that Dr. Dre's men have left something for you in your office.

Go to your agency office, and you will find a media stick on your office table. This media stick will be black, while the previous two were red.

Song unlocked: Dr. Dre


The rewards you get are the songs and a hoodie. Go to your wardrobe and navigate to Tops > Labels.

You will find a new hoodie called 'Marathon Hoodie.'

You can play the unlocked media by navigating to your inventory when inside a vehicle.

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  1. So what happens if during the collection, I go to the location and the USB isn't there? Should I restart the mission or? Cause I am stuck atm. The one meant to be on the office table isn't there for me.

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