Payphone Hits Guide (The Contract DLC)


The payphone hits are new series of assassination missions given to you by Franklin after you complete at least three security contract missions as part of the Contract DLC. Once you've completed three security contract missions, you need to drive around in free roam until a payphone icon flashes on your mini-map.


Go to the payphone and answer the phone to start your first payphone hit mission. The missions you get are always random.

Once you've completed your first payphone mission, you can then order a payphone hit by calling Franklin directly from your mobile phone.

These missions are named as follows:

  • The Popstar
  • The Tech Entrepreneur
  • The Cofounder
  • The CEO
  • The Trolls
  • The Judge
  • The Hitmen
  • The Dealers

All the missions can be completed solo except the hitmen and the dealers. The hitmen and dealers' missions can only be completed if you have at least one player in your organization. You can complete these missions in either public, solo, or invite-only sessions.

Each hit mission has three different variants and has a special condition. If you meet the special condition, it grants you extra cash called the assassination bonus. The assassination bonus is always revealed a few seconds after you start the mission. It will be shown as a pop-up at the top-left corner of your screen and also as a text message from Franklin.

The standard pay for completing any one of the payphone hits is $15,000, but if you complete the mission fulfilling the assassination bonus criteria, you will get an additional $70,000. Any associates with you will earn $15,000 standard plus an additional $30,000 for meeting the bonus criteria.

If you fail to meet the bonus criteria, there is a chance for you to get a three-star wanted level or multiple enemy NPCs attacking you. If you meet the criteria, you will get an option to leave the area to complete the mission.

Once you complete a hit, there is a twenty-minute cool down before you can request another one. If you change a session in the middle of an ongoing hit (give you're a leader of the organization), you can instantly order another payphone hit by calling Franklin. You won't have to wait for twenty minutes.

In this guide, we've listed down all the variants and proper steps to complete each variant for all mission types.

The Popstar

In Popstar, you are tasked to assassinate a spoiled kid who makes peoples' lives difficult by being a nuisance to society.

The target is always driving around in his sports car. The sports car manufacturer is Annis Euros.

Variant 1

In this variant, you'll be tasked to pursue the target in a police car until they crash their vehicle.

It is pretty easy to do. The first thing you must do is find a cop car. You can either go directly to the nearest police station (if you know the location, of course) or wait a minute into the mission, and the game will automatically source the vehicle for you.

The game located vehicle will appear once the timer hits 14:00 min. It will appear as a yellow circle with a question mark on your map. It shows the general region where you can find the vehicle.

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Here is one of our favorite locations where we always find a cop car parked right outside the station.

Once you have the vehicle, drive to the target and stay within the intimidation region (a red circle marked on your mini-map).

You will notice an intimidation bar at the bottom-right corner of your screen. As long as you're inside the region, the level of this bar will increase. Fill the bar to cause a car crash and assassinate the target.

Once assassinated, leave the area to complete the mission.

Variant 2

In the second variant, you need to take out the target using a driveby weapon whilst in a Vagos lowrider.

The game will give you the location of the Vagos lowrider, drive to the location and steal the bright-yellow vehicle.

Now, drive to the target and just eliminate them using any one of your driveby weapons, such as a micro-SMG.

Once eliminated, leave the area to complete the mission.

Variant 3

The final variant requires you to destroy the target's vehicle using a truck cab. The truck cab will be sourced at the construction site.

Go to the yellow-marked region and get into the cab.

Drive it to the target and keep ramming their vehicle until they eventually crash the vehicle.

Leave the area to complete the mission.

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