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GTA Online: The Contract Is Now Live


Franklin Clinton and Dr. Dre are back - which is already a fairly absurd sentence to write. Returning from the single player story and the Cayo Perico Heist DLCs respectively, team up with them and other characters in The Contract, the latest Grand Theft Auto Online update out now.

Focusing on story content to an unprecedented degree, The Contract tasks you with partnering with Franklin's high-society fixer agency and helping Dr. Dre find a phone with lost, unreleased music that's actually debuting inside GTA Online, for real.

This is only the first contract the agency has to tackle, which implies that the format for at least a few upcoming updates is set - it'll feature us and Franklin taking on the various delicate issues of Los Santos' cream.

Alongside action-packed story missions, players will also get to visit Record A Studios freely, a virtual recreation of the place where real-life Dr. Dre records his music. Alongside the Studio, you'll spend most of your time in the brand new Agency office, filled with all sorts of advanced amenities.

Thanks to Security Contract side missions, Dr. Dre won't be your only client. Between these contracts and Payphone Hits, you'll be getting your hands dirty GTA style in no time, climbing the ranks of the fixer profession while gaining credibility for Franklin's business.

The Contract adds three new weapons - the Heavy Rifle, the Compact EMP Launcher and the Stun Gun - as well as a crop of new vehicles including the Dewbauchee Champion, the Lampadati Cinquemila, the Enus Deity, the Pfister Astron, the Bravado Buffalo STX and the Enus Jubilee.


A brand new radio station is also available, so tune into MOTOMAMI Los Santos for fresh beats. As usual, the new DLC also filled the game with brand new threads allowing you to further customize your in-game character to match your fashion style and sport the best fit this side of Mt. Chiliad.

Alongside new content, Rockstar Games has also made some quality of life changes to the game overall. Players will be assaulted by fewer texts and phone calls from NPCs trying to recruit you to play some kind of activity, new daily objectives have been added, daily maintenance fees have been slashed permanently by 50% and safe capacities have been buffed across the board.

The Contract doesn't just mean new content today - this kicks off a new phase of drip-feed DLC drops, with today's big released followed by smaller weekly infusions of new missions, new vehicles and other new content spread out across the coming months.

Jump right into the new missions in The Contract, out now.


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