GTA Online: The Contract DLC Complete In-Depth Guide

The Leaks

The leaks are the main prep missions before you can do the finale. After completing the 'Data Recovery' setup mission, you can start doing the leak missions for Dr. Dre. These can also be started through the computer in your agency office.


There are three leak missions to complete. Although these leak missions are the finale's prep missions, they have their own set of prep missions called 'investigations.'

Each leak mission has two investigations and the final leak mission. That means a total of nine missions (six investigations and three final leak missions) must be completed before you can get to the finale.

The three leak missions are as follows:

  • Nightlife Leak
  • High Society Leak
  • The South Central Leak

The leak missions, as the name suggests, include the recovery of Dr. Dre's leaked unreleased music. In all three missions, you are tasked to recover the leaks. Here's how you can complete all three leak VIP contract missions.

Nightlife Leak

Nightlife leak has two investigation missions and the finale.

Investigation 1 - The Nightclub

In this mission, you are tasked to investigate the data signal at the Los Santos Triads Nightclub. For this mission, once again, stock up on armor and snacks.

You need to head over to the nightclub. Once you're at the nightclub, enter through the goods entrance. It will be marked in your game.

When you're inside the nightclub, you need to locate the security tape. The security tape is inside the main office. If you own a nightclub yourself, you would know the exact location. But, if you're not aware, here's how you can get to the office.

There are two ways you can do this mission. You can either get the cleaner's costume or sneak your way in. But, as usual, both won't work for too long, so we recommend just going straight in. You can only sneak your way into the club for so long.

Here's what you should do. When you're in, switch to a silenced weapon and move forward.

There will be a guard in the corridor directly next to you. He will be pacing back and forth in the corridor. Wait for him to go.

You will see two guards talking on the right side of the truck. Take them both out quickly. Shoot them in the head.

Then turn around and continue to move forward. You will notice the guard coming back in the corridor. Take him out as well.

If you haven't already, look to the very far right side of the truck. Slightly behind where you killed the two talking guards, you will see another guard here. Take him out as well.

There will be one more guard at the end of the corridor, kneeling down. Take him out as well.

Continue moving forward until you enter the main area of the nightclub. Now, it is almost certain that you will get detected in this main nightclub area. So bring out the big guns.

Switch to your regular assault rifle and start blasting through the guards.

Make your way upstairs and enter the main office to the left. There will be guards inside the office and the office bar as well.

You will find the security tape on the computer desk. When you enter the office, you will see a green blip on your mini-map showing the exact location of the security tape.

After getting the security tape, you need to escape the nightclub. Go back outside and head downstairs. You can jump down for a quicker way down. You need to head through the corridor under the nightclub bar (found upstairs).

As you're moving forward, you will come across stairs leading upstairs. Be careful on the stairs as there are two enemies at close range.

Once you reach upstairs, you will see the exit right in front of you.

Get back into your vehicle, and deliver the security tape to the agency to complete this mission. You will get chased by the triads, but ignore them and continue to drive to your destination. They will eventually give up as you get near the agency.

Investigation 2 - The Marina

In this mission, you will be tasked to investigate the lead at the Puerto Del Sol Marina. Remember to stock up on armor and ammo, as usual.

When you get to the Marina, look for a green speedboat. It is always a green Lampadati Toro parked at one of the dock spots.

Once located, you need to steal the boat. As soon as you're inside the boat, quickly drive away from the Marina as the guards will start shooting you.

The main purpose of getting into the speedboat is to get the coordinates of the yacht you need to infiltrate. You can also use a different vehicle to get there. It is imperative that you do not use any flying vehicle. We know as that is the first thought that comes to our mind. But, the yacht is equipped with an air defense system. It will take you out super quick.

We recommend just using the green speedboat and driving it to the yacht.

Board the yacht and go upstairs to enter the main cabin by walking into the yellow marker. When you try to enter, it will be locked.

You will be asked to go to the bridge. As you make your way to the uppermost deck, you will find a lot of guards. Take them out. No need to be sneaky - it never works.

Be careful as one of the guards is equipped with a shotgun.

When you reach the top, do not use any explosives and ensure that the parked helicopter is in good condition. We will be using this helicopter to escape the yacht.

After clearing the guards, head inside the bridge, when you're inside, you will come across one more guard.

Inside the bridge room, you will find the control panel. The left-side control panel is used to unlock the main cabin door.

The right-side control panel is used to disable the yacht's air defense system. This is important as we will be using the helicopter to escape. If the defense system is not disabled, you will be shot out of the air.

After unlocking the main cabin door and disabling the air defense system, make your way to the main cabin. You can now enter the cabin as the door is unlocked.

Once inside, you need to find evidence. There are three possible locations where you can find the evidence. Note that there will be guards in all the areas of this main cabin.

Be very careful when going to the upper cabin as there is a guard with a shotgun.

There's also a guard at the end of the hallway on the lower cabin. The rest of the guards have standard weapons, but they can be super tricky and spawn inside the bathroom of the bedrooms on the lower cabin.

As for the evidence locations, the following are the three possible spawn locations of the evidence. The spawn location is random every time you do this mission. The following are the possible spawn locations:

Evidence Location 1

The evidence will be on the table in the upper cabin.

Evidence Location 2

It can spawn on the desk by the laptop in the office next to the bedroom in the lower cabin.

Evidence Location 3

The final location is the right side table inside the master bedroom in the lower cabin. This is where we found ours.

When you find it, take a picture of it and send it to Imani.

Now make your way back outside. Go all the way back to where you came from. Note that more enemies will spawn on your way back outside.

Exit the main cabin, quickly run to the helicopter, and use it to escape the area. Note that there will be two attack helicopters outside. Either take them out or be quick when running to the parked helicopter.

The mission will complete once you've successfully escaped the area.

The Final Mission - Nightlife Leak

This is the finale of the Nightlife Leak arc. This mission isn't too difficult but involves quite a bit of gunfight. So, ensure you have a full stack of armor and snacks.

First, you need to make your way to the casino garage.

Once inside and parked, enter the elevator to go to the penthouse floor.

When on the floor, exit the elevator and turn left. Keep going through the corridor until you reach the penthouse door.

There will be a yellow marker outside the penthouse. Walk into it to enter the penthouse.

When you're inside the penthouse, you need to find the music promoter. The promoter is always on the far side of the bar. He will be in the DJ booth.

Go up to him and interact with him to initiate a cutscene. The promoter will try to run away from you.

After the cutscene, your cover will be blown. Now you simply need to go back where you came from, but this time while fighting the enemies.

Exit the penthouse and go left. Take cover by the wall at the turn and take out the enemies before moving forward.

Do the same, take cover at the second turn, and take out the enemies before making your way to the elevator.

When you get to the elevator, one guard with the shotgun will spawn out of nowhere. Keep an eye out for him.

After clearing the enemies, interact with the keypad to call the elevator. Enter the elevator to go down to the nightclub.

When inside the nightclub, do not take the stairs to your left. Go through the door to your right and stay upstairs. Use the door cover to take out as many enemies as you can before exiting through the door. It's an excellent strategy to take out all the enemies while making sure none of them spawn behind you.

Eliminate all the guards and go down to the dance floor where the VIP area is. The promoter will be in the VIP area. Take his backpack and go back to the elevator.

You will be back in the casino garage. Use any one of the vehicles to exit the casino. Or exit the casino garage, eliminate the incoming enemies and steal their vehicle.

Deliver the backpack to the agency to complete this mission.

High Society Leak

The high society leak also has two investigation missions and one final mission.

Investigation 1 - The Country Club

The mission is quite straightforward. You need to make your way to the Pacific Bluff's Country Club. When you get there, hack the keypad to get into the surveillance room.

The hacking puzzle is similar to the ones seen in the previous GTA Online updates. You need to find the sequence that matches the one shown at the top.

When inside, take out the four security guards inside the room. Be careful of the guard to your left, as he has a shotgun and can instakill you at such close range if you do not have armor.

Then interact with the computer to access the security terminal. Click on 'My Computer' and then click on 'External Device (J:)' followed by 'BruteForce.exe,' which will initiate the second puzzle.

This puzzle is also simple. You need to interact with the scrolling letters when the red-highlighted letters are in the center. This is also seen in many previous DLCs, so we're assuming you're already familiar with this. But, if you were not, now you are.

After hacking the security terminal. Exit the surveillance room and make your way to the marked area where the limo is parked.

The limo is always in a parking lot within the marked area. So instead of looking everywhere, limit your search to the parking lots.

The limo can have a different color. During our two runs, we got both black and white limos. Once you've identified the limo, you will be asked to follow that limo. However, you do not have to follow the limo. You can save a lot of time by simply killing the driver. It will not fail the mission.

After killing the driver, approach the body and recover the driver's wallet.

Deliver the wallet to the agency to complete the mission.

Investigation 2 - Guest List

In this mission, you need to find a way to infiltrate a gathering at the mansion and kidnap the lawyer. Make sure to stock up on armor and snacks.

First, make your way to the mansion. Go through the main entrance and take a right. It is easier to kill the guards when going through the right side of the mansion.

Keep going through the right side until you reach the backyard of the mansion. A lot of guards are going to be at the mansion. Pre-aim while moving so you can easily take them out.

Keep eliminating and moving forward until you reach near the pool area. This is where you will find the lawyer. The lawyer will also have a guard by his side equipped with a shotgun. Be very careful when approaching the lawyer.

After eliminating all the guards, approach the lawyer and equip your stun gun. Shoot the lawyer with a stun gun to incapacitate him. You will automatically get a stun gun at the start of this mission. You don't have to buy it.

Once you incapacitate him, a cutscene will initiate, after which you will need to drive the lawyer to the agency.

Enemies will continue to follow you. It is critical not to get stuck anywhere as the guards following you have aimbot. They do a lot of damage and sometimes instantly kill you with a headshot. You can have your snack and armor menu opened up until you get out of the mansion while driving, as this is the only congested place when you start driving.

Keep driving to avoid a lot of damage and deliver the lawyer to the agency to complete this mission.

The Final Mission - High Society Leak

In the final mission, you finally get to recover the copy of Dr. Dre's stolen music from the Richman Mansion. This mission definitely requires a full stock of armor and snacks.

First, drive to the Richman Mansion and park the car in front of the main gate. Use the interact button to use the security codes to unlock and open the gate.

Keep driving until you reach the main area with the cars and guests. Leave the vehicle and approach the DJ to initiate the next part of the mission. The next part won't start until you get closer to the DJ.

Once Imani starts looking for the source of the music, make your way to the balcony to the left of the DJ booth (just up the stairs). A gunfight is going to erupt and staying up here will keep you a lot safer than down there. Always stay in cover. Use the balcony wall to cover yourself.

You need to destroy the vehicles and kill guards to fill the intimidation bar at the bottom right corner of your screen.

You can also call the 'Detonate Bomb' contract to detonate the DJ's equipment for some more intimidation. This can only be done once.

An attack helicopter also comes, destroy it first and then get back in cover to eliminate the guards.

Once the intimidation bar is full, the billionaire will try to escape using a helicopter.

If you do not have a powerful enough weapon, shooting the helicopter from the balcony won't work. The helicopter also flies away quite fast.

The best thing to do here is to follow it and shoot it while driving. Get off the balcony and go to the left side.

There will be a locked door at the far left side of the yard. Destroy the electric panel to unlock the gate.

We go through this gate because there is a parking lot just across the street. You can quickly get a vehicle and start chasing down the billionaire's helicopter.

Get into one of the vehicles, chase the helicopter and shoot it to destroy it. Enemies will continue to chase you down as well, but ignore them. They will go away once the health of the helicopter is depleted. Using the micro SMG does an excellent job of damaging the helicopter.

Once you've depleted the health of the helicopter, keep following it until it crashes.

You will get a cutscene of the helicopter crash.

Once it crashes, go to the crash site.

Execute the billionaire and collect his phone.

Deliver the phone to the agency to complete this mission. If you do not have a vehicle at this point, steal one of the enemy vehicles and drive back to the agency.

The South Central Leak

The south central leak contract also has two investigation missions and a final leak mission.

Investigation 1 - Davis

In this mission, you will be tasked to investigate the data trace in Davis with Franklin's Families contact. It is best to stock up on armor and snacks.

First, make your way to the location as indicated and enter the parked Cavalcade. You will meet Vernon inside the vehicle.

He will tell you the next location you both need to go to. Drive to the location he asks you to. When you reach the location, you will come across a drug deal that you, Vernon, and the rest of the allies will interrupt.

Take cover behind the trash can at the very left side and take out all the dealers. Do not use any explosives as you might destroy the van with the meth equipment that you need to steal.

After eliminating all the dealers, get into the van and drive it to the drop-off point. Before you can get the blip for the destination, you need to escape the Lost MC gang members.

Keep driving until they stop chasing you. The best way to lose them is to drive as far away from the location as possible. They will eventually leave you alone.

Note that if you get a wanted level, you can easily lose the cops by calling Lester in this mission.

After escaping the bikers, you will get the blip for the drop-off point. Deliver the van to the drop-off point to complete this mission.

Investigation 2 - The Ballas

In the second investigation mission, you are tasked to confront the Ballas suspected of stealing Dr. Dre's music. Once again, stock up on armor and snacks. You're going to need a lot of them.

Once again, make your way to the stated location and you will meet up with Vernon. Enter the Cavalcade and go to the location (Davis) Vernon directs you to.

When you reach the location, you will walk into a gang fight between the Ballas and the Families.

Eliminate all the Ballas in the area and defend the Families. Take cover behind the car or by one of the houses. The Ballas will be on the left side of the conflict.

Once you've defeated the Ballas, you will get a new objective of following Vernon. Follow Vernon to the garage across the street.

Enter the garage and you will find Vernon holding Ballas' P at gunpoint.

After interrogating P, exit the garage and leave the area to complete this mission.

The Final Mission - The South Central Leak

In the final mission, you will need to recover the copy of Dr. Dre's stolen music from the Vagos. Once again, stock up on ammo and armor.

First, drive to Davis Mega Mall to meet up with Vernon and P. When you meet with them, they will be in their own vehicles.

Drive in convoy behind their vehicle and follow them to the Rancho Projects.

Once you reach the destination, you will get a cutscene showing all the Vagos enjoying the leaked Dr. Dre music out in the open.

After the cutscene ends, you will immediately get put into a gunfight with the Vagos. Get behind the car to get some cover, eliminate the Vagos gang members and advance forward to the next car.

Keep moving forward while carefully eliminating the Vagos.

When you take out the last Vagos member, one of the gang members will come out of the house and drive away in the yellow lowrider, the ride playing Dr. Dre's music.

Get into any one of the vehicles and chase the Vagos member. Eliminate him and steal the vehicle from him.

Once you have the vehicle, deliver it to the agency to complete the mission.

Studio Time

After completing all three leak missions, you will get a call from Franklin to return to the agency. Once you enter the agency, a cutscene will play.

Once the cutscene ends, go to free roam, and you will receive another call from Franklin. After this second call, you need to return to your agency, and you will notice a yellow mission marker outside Franklin's office. Walk into the marker and interact with it to start the mission 'Studio Time'.

Before you start the mission, stock up on armor and snacks. Get into Dr. Dre's car and drive it to Record A Studios.

When you get to the studio, stay inside the car and take out all the hired gunmen. Always try to keep your distance between yourself and the gunmen. They become aimbots at close range.

After eliminating all the hired gunmen, enter the studio. Equip a strong weapon before entering.

It is recommended to pre-aim as you move through the studio and keep looking at the mini-map for enemy positions. It is very easy to get shot and die here due to limited movement space.

Several guards in here have a shotgun that can instakill you, so be careful. Go forward and go through the first corridor to your left while pre-aiming. At least four gunmen spawn in here, one equipped with a shotgun.

Continue to move forward, and at the end of the corridor, there is a door to your right. Go through it, and you will reach the main studio lounge. You will come across at least five to six guards in here.

Be careful here as the corridor behind you is still dangerous. It can randomly spawn a gunman directly behind you.

It happened twice with us. We stayed in this area for a bit longer to heal up, but the randomly spawned gunman had different plans for us. Be careful of this small corridor area.

As you move forward directly into the lounge, three to four more gunmen spawn in here.

Go through the lounge and enter the third corridor across the lounge.

You will get two more gunmen in here.

At the end of the corridor, you will find four more gunmen in the room. One is equipped with a shotgun.

After clearing the last bit, you need to backtrack all the way to the main entrance. As you're making your way back, you will get one gunman in the lounge area.

And the last one will be in the small room at the end of the first corridor.

After eliminating all the guards, once again, go back to the same room you went to earlier, and you will see a yellow marker.

Walk into the marker, and a cutscene will play.

The mission will complete after the cutscene.

Don’t F*ck With Dre

'Don't F*ck With Dre' is the final mission in the contracts DLC and is accessible after the completion of 'Studio Time'. Once you've completed Studio Time, Franklin will call you.

After the call, you can visit the agency and find a yellow mission marker outside Franklin's office. You can start the mission by interacting with the yellow marker. As always, ensure you stock up on armor and snacks for this mission.

The game gives you a general area where Johnny was last seen. You do not have to look around for Johnny as he is always in one location inside the region.

You can find Johnny Guns at the railway station. Go inside the station, and a cutscene of Johnny escaping from you will play.

Once the cutscene ends, you will be in cover. This is a great spot to stay in and take out the incoming hired gunmen.

Once all the gunmen have been eliminated, get into a vehicle and go to Los Santos International Airport.

Once you're at the airport, enter the hangar through the side door. Make sure you equip a weapon before heading in.

You will first encounter two gunmen in the locker corridor when you're inside.

After that, go through the double door at the end of the corridor to reach the second corridor leading to the hangar. You will get some more gunmen - take them out and keep moving forward.

When you're in the main hangar, you need to go to the other side of the plane. Take the right side and continue to move forward by eliminating the enemies. Note that some more will arrive in a car once you've eliminated enough.

Remember to always stay in cover to first identify the locations of the enemies using your mini-map and then fire.

After eliminating all the enemies, you need to approach the rear end of the plane with a platform going up. Johnny Guns will appear at the top and start shooting at you as you approach the platform.

Take cover by the crates and shoot Johnny Guns to incapacitate him. Yes, you can shoot him with any weapon to incapacitate him.

Once he's incapacitated, go up to him and interact with him to capture him.

A cutscene will play.

After the cutscene, you need to drive Dr. Dre to the Pacific Bluff's Country Club as he plays his new music for you.

Once you drop Dr. Dre, an ending cutscene of Dr. Dre leaving Los Santos in the beautiful sunset plays, concluding the mission and The Contract DLC.

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