GTA Online: The Contract Coming December 15

Grand Theft Auto Online is getting its big end-of-year DLC despite those rumors that Rockstar is delaying content to focus on fixing The Trilogy instead. Those "fixers" leaks are panning out and we finally know what Dr. Dre was working on - The Contract, a new piece of story-driven DLC for Online starring returning protagonist Franklin Clinton.

Gtao Thecontract

The Contract has you team up with Franklin to kick off a new agency aimed at solving delicate matters for the Los Santos elite, discreetly. One of those clients is none other than Dr. Dre, returning from Cayo Perico. Dre has cooked up some brand new beats, but the phone he had the tracks on was lost - or stolen. In any case, it is in the wrong hands, and a set of new single player story missions in Online will see you go on a wild ride with these characters and others to retrieve the new music.

There is some real-world truth to this in-game scenario, as Dr. Dre has actually recorded new music that is debuting in GTA Online - the latest fruit of Rockstar Games' increasingly high profile deals and partnerships in the music industry that have been weaving their way into GTA Online ever since After Hours.


Rockstar's official description of The Contract has some serious juice for those among the fandom that appreciate GTA 5's lore and are interested in the on-going timeline of Online: this new content is set years after the final story mission of GTA 5, which is interesting because Online begins, chronologically, beforehand.

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Based on what we know of The Agency's workings - that's what the new property will be called - this new DLC won't really have a typical business setup like previous updates revolving around filling a warehouse and selling stock. With the focus on completing contracts for wealthy socialites, we expect the content to be more mission oriented with greater variety.

Gtao Thecontract

Alongside all the story content, some more goodies typical of a GTA Online update are included too - the new DLC will bring new weapons, vehicles and more to bear, giving us plenty of new possessions to blow hard earned GTA$ on.

The Contract will also feature something called The Armory, and while we don't quite know how that will line up with things it definitely sounds related to the not-super-legal business Franklin has going. The trailer for The Contract is hardly action packed, but we suspect the content itself will have its fair share of fights and danger.

We'll find out ourselves come the 15th of December, which is when The Contract launches for free for all players in GTA Online. We imagine that holiday festivities will kick off soon after, making the upcoming few weeks very busy in the game.


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