GTA Online Stunt Creator Contest Announced

Rockstar has finally unveiled that GTA Online Stunt Race Creator contest they have been teasing for some time now. The competition comes after a string of announcements regarding the winners of Rockstar hosted competitions, such as the Cunning Stunts snapmatic competition and the #CEO Rockstar Editor competition.


The Stunt Race Creator was the latest piece of GTA Online DLC to be released as part of the Cunning Stunts “series”, which also included the main, eponymous DLC and two smaller updates bridging the gap between the main releases.

Cunning Stunts allowed players to take racing to the skies – now, we don’t mean flying, since air races are hardly a new thing. The DLC added a new kind of race subtype to GTA Online, the stunt race, which often featured tracks suspended high up in the air, skirting around the top floors of skyscrapers.


The DLC was a wild deviation from the previous status quo of GTA content with relation to realism, but it was a very well received deviation. Considered to be the best DLC since Heists, the community generally agrees that Cunning Stunts has revitalized Online after the slight missteps of the otherwise fantastic Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update.

However, the very feature that in truth spawn this month of stunt-themed content, namely the Content Creator overhaul that was supposed to bring hundreds of new props, a few new features and countless tweaks to the built-in tool that allowed players to craft and publish jobs to GTA Online, did not come with the update.


Even before the Stunt Race Creator was finally released, Rockstar was already dropping subtle hints at a contest focusing on building your own stunt race course would be coming along. It wasn’t until they posted a guide to the Newswire that we got a confirmation, though it was one without much fanfare.

Well, it seems Rockstar now felt like it was time to kick this off. The Rockstar Verified Creator Stunt Races Contest – the official name of the competition – has now launched and is accepting entries until the 12th of September, so get building!

With the release of the Stunt Race Creator, over 200 new and unique props have been added to the GTA Online Job Creator tool. With vast possibilities for inventive Social Club members to now create Stunt Races, this week you also have the opportunity to get your original Stunt Race officially Rockstar Verified

But what are you working towards? What will be the reward for your efforts to create the best stunt race map out there? What will be the fruit of hours upon hours of work poured into the new Stunt Race Creator? Well, five winners will be chosen, and their entries will earn the status of being Rockstar Verified.


Rockstar Verified is a system wherein the guys over in the offices take a look at fan-made jobs built with the Content Creator, and if they ever come across a mission so good, so well made and balance that it has the quality of official content, they slap the Verified sticker onto it, telling other players that “yeah, this is good. play this”. This is probably necessary due to the high concentration of excrement found among fan-made jobs.

and earn a whopping GTA$8,000,000

Oh, and the winners also get GTA $8,000,000. You know, no big deal. Being Rockstar Verified is the main draw here oh who are we kidding. 8 million happens to be the amount you receive when buying a Megalodon Shark Cash Card, meaning that technically the winners are all getting a prize worth $100.


The winners’ creations will also be featured in a separate Newswire post announcing who took home the prizes, and the people who made the winning tracks will be invited to participate in a Rockstar livestream via Twitch and Youtube Gaming, wherein they will showcase the races.

Rockstar has set some entry requirements for the races that will be eligible for victory. 18 checkpoints and 118 props are the minimum amount each race must contain of both. Luckily for those of you who feel that you’ve already created a winning race, already existing creations may also be entered as long as they meet the above requirements. Entering a race is easy, just publish it on the Social Club and tag it with “Stunts”.


Rockstar has posted a two-part guide which seeks to help people with mastering the Stunt Race Creator’s new features. If you wish to win one of those five prizes, it probably won’t hurt looking through those guides prior to beginning your efforts. While it is not stated, we assume players may enter any number of races, though chances are you’ll be barred from winning two or more of the prizes, even if you happen to make multiple races good enough for victory.

Will you be entering this GTA Online contest? If yes, will you submit an existing race of yours, or build an entirely new one?

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