Space Interloper / Alien Costume - Solomon Richards' Prop Locations & Random Events

The Los Santos Summer update contains a variety of new content, including new collectibles which reward players with a unique costume, as well as cash and RP.

Solomon Richards has arrived from story mode (in which he is a famous movie director) into GTA Online, and some burglars have looted his office. The burglars stole most of his valuable props, which he asks you to facilitate the return of, in exchange for a reward. There are a total of 10 props spread throughout Los Santos.

Each prop rewards players with $15,000 and 4,000 RP, which totals up to GTA$150,000 and 40,000RP upon collecting all 10 props. The first seven props have a fixed location, while the remaining three can be found by triggering a random event in specific areas. In addition to cash and RP, players also get a unique and exclusive Space Interloper Costume (aka the Alien Costume).


We have all the random event locations gathered for you below, as well as the prop locations of course.

Starting the Mission

To be able to collect the props, you first need to head over to Solomon Richard's office in Rockford Hills. You will get a text message from Solomon telling you about his situation, after which an "S" symbol appears on the map.

Solomon Richard's first text about robbery in his office

This "S" symbol is Solomon's office. Head over to the office, and upon entering, you will come across a crime scene where a couple of cops are investigating his office.

'S" symbol on the map represents Solomon Richard's office

As you're checking, just seconds later, you will receive another text message from Solomon, after which you can start collecting the props.

Second text from Solomon Richard's seconds after you enter his office which is under investigation

Prop Locations

Video Location Guide

Prop 1

The first prop is right outside at the office entrance. If you look at the right side of the office entrance in the corner, you will see a trash bin. You will find a film reel just sitting beside the trash bin. It will be glowing, so you won't miss it.

Prop 1 Location
Prop 1 beside the trash bin

Prop 2

The second prop can be found in the Strip Club. Head over to the strip club and pay one of the dancers for a private dance. This gives you access to the backroom office of the club. The prop is sitting on the table in the office.

The prop is a marble-like statue with a globe on top of it.

Prop 2 location on the map
Prop 2 sitting on the desk in the back office

Prop 3

The third prop can be found inside of the Casino restroom. Just head inside the casino and make your way to the restroom. You will see a native American hat resting on one of the urinals.

Prop 3 location on the map
Native american hat resting on a urinal

Prop 4

The fourth prop is found in the hippie area, where all the hipsters are at Sandy Shores. You will find an alien head prop on top of their colorful mountain.

Prop 4 location on the map
Prop 4 alien head on top of the mountain

Prop 5

The fifth prop is a mummy head found on the front porch of an old house in Grand Senora Desert.

Prop 5 location on the map
Mummy head on the table in the front porch

Prop 6

The sixth prop is found at Fort Zancudo. You will see a tower named Fort Zancudo Tower 1, right at the entrance. You can enter this tower without any issues. Head inside and you will see a clapperboard on the little cupboard.

Prop 6 location on the map
Fort Zancudo Tower 1

This clapperboard is your sixth prop.

Clapper board on the cupboard inside the tower

Prop 7

This prop can be found at the Altruist Cult camp. It is best if you use a helicopter or an Oppressor Mark II to go to this location, or else a bunch of aimbot cult members will kill you.

The prop is at the very end of the camp on a big stone. The prop is a half human-half dog head.

Props 8 - 10 (Random Events)

These final three props are only obtainable through random events that can be triggered by driving around specific areas. There are three types of vans, each having specific areas where they can spawn, and every kind of van carries a single kind of prop.

The props in these vans are a Mummy Coffin (carried by Brute Pony Van), Tiger Pelt (carried by Bravado Rumpo), and a Decorative Globe (carried by Karin Rusty Rebel).

You will see a blue dot appear just like any other random event in GTA Online. This van will contain a coffin (mummy coffin), and the van is a Brute Pony.

Prop 8

Location 1

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The first location where you can find prop 8 is in the parking lot of Kortz Center in Pacific Bluffs.

Prop 8's first location on the map
Prop 8 (mummy coffin) inside the van
Location 2

The second location where you can find prop 8 is at the Epsilon building.

Prop 8's second location on the map
Prop 8's second location where the van can be
Location 3

The final location where you can find prop 8 is at the base of the road leading up to Kortz Center. Just before the checkpoint, there are white lines on the road where the van can spawn.

Prop 8's third location on the map
Prop 8's third location where the van can be

Prop 9

Prop 9 is Tiger Pelts and that means you're looking for a Bravado Rump van.

Location 1

The first location where you can find prop 9 is at La Mesa, where you plan your first heist. The van will be parked next to the warehouse.

Prop 9's first location on the map
Prop 9 seen inside the van parked next to the warehouse
Location 2

The second location is the alleyway in Textile City, where the China market is.

Prop 9's second location on the map
Prop 9's second location where the van can be
Location 3

The final possible location of Prop 9 is on the main bridge connecting La Mesa and Little Bighorn Avenue.

Prop 9's third location on the map
Prop 9's third location where the van can be. It can be on the side of the road

Prop 10

The final prop is a decorative globe and that means you need to look for a Karin Rusty Rebel van. You can find this in three locations in the pacific in the Paleto Bay area.

Location 1

The first location where you can find the 10th prop is in an alleyway in a residential area of Paleto Bay.

Prop 10's location on the map
Prop 10 as seen in a Rebel in an alleyway
Location 2

The second location is also near the first one in Paleto Bay. This location is in the parking of a general store. There will be a red poster next to which you will find the parked van.

Prop 10's second location on the map
Prop 10's second location where the van can be next to the red poster
Location 3

The last location where the random event might occur is on the main road leading out of Paleto Bay and towards Sandy Shores. It will be on the side of the main road near the water sewage.

Prop 10's third location on the map
Prop 10's second location where the van can be. It can be on the side of the main road

Random Event Not Triggering?

If the random event is not triggering, then you can try a simple trick that will hopefully help you as it did us. First, go to one of the locations where these random events can occur. Enter your interactive menu and set your spawn location to "the last location" and then find a new session.

Keep changing sessions until you see a blue dot appear. Do not stand exactly where the event is supposed to spawn. Spawn slight away from it as you will still be able to trigger it, even from a short distance away.

Also, do not immediately change sessions if you do not see a blue dot. You might have to drive around the area a bit. Drive around the area, and a blue dot should appear on your screen.

The Rewards

After returning all the props to Solomon's office, you will shortly get another text message from Solomon telling you to visit his office for a reward.

Head over to his office and you will notice a yellow chest icon on your mini-map. Go to the chest and open it up to receive the Space Interloper costume (Alien costume). You will also notice that all the props that you collected are in the office.

Collecting your reward ends your collectible mission.

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