GTA Online: Smuggler's Run Vehicles Teased

Leading up to tomorrow's release of Smuggler's Run, the next major GTA Online update, Rockstar has been ramping up the hype with teaser images of every new vehicle the DLC will be adding to the game. If the trailer didn't give it away, the update will have an emphasis on planes, though the odd car does pop up too.

We don't quite know yet how Smuggler's Run will work mechanically in terms of gameplay, but have plenty of information about the vehicles themselves. The wait for release is almost over, so you won't need to sit salivating at these screenshots for long, and soon you'll be able to fly these beauties for yourself.

Alpha Z-1

The lightning quick Alpha Z-1 is a fixed-wing propeller plane. A single seater, the Z-1 is intended for quick getaways. It's isn't heavily armed or armored, but it can get you from point A to point B the quickest - just make sure you don't pull too many Gs, or this plane will double as your casket.



This unholy beast of a plane features a full-length tilting wing with four engines, allowing it to hover and perform V/STOL (vertical and short runway take-off and landing), making it a hugely versatile addition to the fleet of any smuggler. Manned turrets and massive cargo capacity will make this one of the most popular planes of the update.

V-65 Molotok

Based on the iconic MiG-15, the Molotok is an antique fighter jet with both speed and strength. Armed with missiles and equipped with drop tanks, this fighter jet is well suited for situations when there are unsavory folks standing between your smuggled goods and their destination.


Named after either the state of distress and chaos you'll cause with this, or the popular middleware game engine, the Havok helicopter bears an eerie resemblance to the Buzzard. The combat-ready helicopter will primarily be used in mixed air-ground combat missions coming with the update, helping you and your team switch to on-foot action with ease.


The Ultralight is a glider plane with zero armor, or even a chassis. This is basically an engine and a chair strapped to a wing, capable of flight but little else. We don't quite see where you'll fit any contraband on this thing, but it's bound to have some use in the upcoming update.

Grotti Visione

Following all of these aircraft is one vehicle which is sadly confined to the ground at all times - a car. The Visione will be adding to the long list of the game's futuristic supercars with hefty price tags, but it this one rear shot is anything to go by, it is going to be a looker for sure.

Based on the trailer for the DLC, there are some other new vehicles incoming which we didn't see teased on their own yet, but it's always good to keep up excitement with a few surprises reserved for launch.

We're interested to see how these vehicles fit into the structure of Smuggler's Run. We already have a hundred or so ideas on how to use the Tula, and the Molotok lends itself readily to a particular role. However, there are still some vehicles which remain a mystery, and these other planes offer a wide variety of options. Whether you're only getting a taste for organized crime in Los Santos or you are a high rolling CEO Looking to dominate this new market segement, there is a ride for you.

Smuggler's Run will be released tomorrow, 29th of August.

Logan Smith

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