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GTA Online: Matching Shotaro And Outfit Colors

Are you like most GTA Online players, and do you really like the all new Shotaro? Great! Do you also like the new Deadline outfit? Wonderful. Do you like using the two together? Sure! Are you driven absolutely out of your right mind by the fact that the shades of the colors on the bike and outfit are always a bit off and don't match?


Well, in that case, you're like a lot of GTA Online players. However, luckily, there is a way around this issue. Recently we also covered a harmless glitch that allows players to match their Deadline Helmet with other outfit options.

The Shotaro was added to GTA Online recently in the fourth post-release expansion of the Bikers DLC, alongside the Deadline Adversary Mode - which is just the light cycle battles from Tron adapted to the game - and the new outfit. Players are required to play at least one round of Deadline before the Shotaro is unlocked for purchase, going for the high price of $2,225,000.


The Deadline Outfit and Helmet go for a similar premium price, with each color variation costing 200K, making them some of the most expensive clothing in the game. You can imagine, then, how bothersome it may be for GTA players that they buy two premium items, only to find their colors don't match.

But do not fret, for there is a relatively simple solution to this issue, and it doesn't even involve glitching. It's the crew system, GTA Online's version of guilds or clans, that saves the day. The founder of a crew may select on the social club a custom crew color, which can then be applied to the vehicles of all members.


Now, there are two things that make this helpful. Firstly, crew color selection is not limited to presets, but the whole color spectrum available via standard hex codes is available for your perusal. Secondly, any character may be the member of up to 5 crews at a time, meaning that you won't need to ditch your crew for this fix. Unless you're already in five. Which 99% of players aren't.

A particularly helpful GTAforums user, Ronzilla187 posted the hex codes for all of the released - and even unreleased - color variants of the Deadline outfit required to get the right match. All you need to do is select your preferred color, but the outfit if you haven't already, set up a new crew on the Social Club, and set the hex color as the crew color.


You'll need to temporarily set the "color crew" as your active crew, but only for as long as you select the crew color at the respray. After the paint job is finished, switching back to your preferred crew as your active crew won't alter the appearance.

Quick reference for the hex codes:

  • #EFBA1B Deadline Yellow
  • #428503AA Deadline Green
  • #AA3F00 Deadline Orange
  • #1E1FA2 Deadline Purple
  • #8F2F55AA Deadline Pink
  • #661C1BAA Deadline Red
  • #343E6BFF Deadline Blue
  • #3C3C3CFF Deadline White

Which Deadline outfit color is your favorite?


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