GTA Online - Shipwreck Treasure Chest Locations Guide

In GTA Online there are various treasure chests spread around the map, that spawn next to shipwrecks. Collecting a chest will reward you with GTA$20,000 and 2,000 RP and if you collect seven chests for seven days in a row then you can unlock the The Frontier Outfit.

Note that you can only collect one chest per day need to wait for 24 hours in real time for a new chest to spawn.

There are 30 possible spawn locations, including three unused locations that might be used in the future. All the spawn locations are on the beaches of Blaine County and Los Santos.


In this guide, we cover all 30 treasure chest spawn locations. These daily treasure chests quests are similar to the ones in Cayo Perico.

Video Guide

Shipwreck Location 1

Shipwreck Location 2

Shipwreck Location 3

Shipwreck Location 4

Shipwreck Location 5

Shipwreck Location 6

Shipwreck Location 7

Shipwreck Location 8

Shipwreck Location 9

Shipwreck Location 10

Shipwreck Location 11

Shipwreck Location 12

Shipwreck Location 13

Shipwreck Location 14

Shipwreck Location 15

Shipwreck Location 16

Shipwreck Location 17

Shipwreck Location 18 (Unused)

Shipwreck Location 19 (Unused)

Shipwreck Location 20 (Unused)

Shipwreck Location 21

Shipwreck Location 22

Shipwreck Location 23

Shipwreck Location 24

Shipwreck Location 25

Shipwreck Location 26

Shipwreck Location 27

Shipwreck Location 28

Shipwreck Location 29

Shipwreck Location 30


As mentioned before, once you've collected chests for the first seven days, you will unlock 'The Frontier Outfit' as a reward. You can access the outfit via your wardrobe's special outfit section.

Quickest Way To Get The Outfit

There is a glitch that allows you to get the outfit in a matter of few minutes. This is convenient as you won't have to search for a chest for the seven days! To perform this glitch, first, find the location of a chest.

Once you've found the chest, stand next to it and set your spawn location as 'Last Location' from the interaction menu.

After that, you need to change your outfit to any outfit of your choice, to ensure you've actually saved your spawn location.

Collect the chest loot and quickly turn off your game. If you're on the console, you can simply close the app and turn it back on. On PC, you need to go to the task manager and end the task (the game).

When you restart the game, you will spawn near the chest location. You will notice that even after collecting the chest, it is still there. Note that you will not get the GTA$20,000 and 2,000 RP from doing this glitch, but you will get the Frontier Outfit scrap needed to unlock it.

Repeat the glitch seven times to get seven pieces of outfit scraps and unlock the Frontier Outfit.

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