GTA Online Shark Cards Worth More Cash

This isn't the first time, nor will it be the last: GTA Online's Shark Cards are temporarily on reverse-sale.

Shark Cards are the resident form of microtransaction in GTA Online which allow players to buy otherwise hard-to-obtain in-game funds in exchange for real money. There are several tiers in several price categories, which will either help out your Online character last the month with snacks, or will make you downright rich.



GTA Online features a number of ways to acquire that same cash through in-game activities, so by no means are Shark Cards forced on the players, however organic progression is slow if you're not continually grinding the highest paying activities - and you shouldn't be. Shark Cards allow players to gauge the value of their time against that of expensive in-game content.

It also allows Rockstar to fund the continuous stream of free DLC for the game - and then some. Players, in spite of rare voices of dissent, are buying Shark Cards like crazy, generating insane amounts of profit for the developers.


Not to let anyone say that they are not generous, Rockstar has on several occasions put a reverse-sale promo on the Shark Cards. But what do we mean buy reverse-sale?

Well, instead of decreasing the amount players must pay in actual money for the cards, Rockstar is increasing the amount of virtual money that translates to in GTA Online. The bigger card you get, the more of a bonus you receive.


The rates are the same as before, ranging from 15% to an insane 50% in the case of the Megalodon Card, which now nets buyers 12 million GTA $. The promotion lasts through the 22nd of May.

Don't be worried if the bonus cash doesn't appear immediately, as it will be deposited separately once the promo is over.

Will you be cashing in on this GTA Online Shark Card sale?

Aron Gerencser
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