GTA Online Shark Cards Give More In-Game Cash

Update: Certain players have begun reporting that they did not receive the bonus cash and contacted Rockstar Support. The official reply was that the bonus cash promotion was not open to all players, only to those who were subscribed to Rockstar's mailing list, and even then only a certain percentage of subscribers were chosen randomly to get the bonus. However, as these terms were never discussed publicly, the majority of players submitting tickets will receive their bonus cash as a one-time player accommodation. So, chances are that Rockstar will get you your cash if you submit a ticket.

If you weren't a fan of Shark Cards or were on the fence regarding their worth, now might be the time to make an exception and buy in.


GTA Online's in-game content is notoriously expensive, forcing players to grind endlessly to get enough cash for even mid-range items, weapons and vehicles. The really expensive stuff like yachts, lowriders and that ridiculous gold-plated private jet are almost downright impossible for casual players to get.

Rockstar gave players an alternative to constant grinding by giving them the option to use real world money to purchase large amounts of in-game currency in the form of shark cash cards. While this move has been somewhat unpopular with a chunk of the community, Rockstar's sales data shows that there are plenty of people who buy in.

In a rather generous move, Rockstar is hosting an inverted sale on Shark Cards lasting until the 24th of January, meaning this Sunday. Instead of lowering the price of the cards like in a regular sale, select players are instead getting more in-game cash for the same price. As these things usually go, the larger (and more expensive) the card, the bigger the bonus cash in GTA Online.

IMPORTANT: the sale was originally promoted via email to select Social Club members only and we're still working to find out whether that means the bonus will be limited to those players as well, or be given to everyone who purchased a Shark Card. In the meantime, we recommend that if you didn't get the email, you assume that you won't get the bonus.

From the email that Rockstar sent to Social Club members advising them of the sale

While you only get a 15% boost with the Bull Shark card, the Great White and Whale shark cash cards get you 30% and 35% more $GTA, respectively. The biggest boost is reserved for buyers of the Megalodon cash card, who gets a 50% boost. This card nets buyers 8 million under normal circumstances, so if you're willing to shell out the $100, you'll be getting $GTA 12,000,000 for your purchase, which is enough for a yacht, and several lowriders, plus change for other odds and ends.

Hopefully we'll have a confirmed update on whether this sale applies to everyone or not shortly!

Aron Gerencser
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