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GTA Online Rumored To Be Getting A Yacht

Gta Online Yacht

With the recent release of the Halloween DLC for GTA Online, players are already becoming impatient with regards to the announcement of the next DLC (because of course they are).

Rockstar's recent tendency to release DLCs more and more frequently has conditioned the community to expect more content in less time. This, in turn, has resulted in yet another surge in upcoming GTA Online DLC rumors, and unfortunately so far all are fake. This new rumor however is showing promise, and the GTA V Reddit community have begun theorizing how this new feature will be implemented from a game play standpoint.


Recently, a relatively well known YouTuber named Taltigolt tweeted an image of a code segment taken from the GTA V game files. The reference is for what seems like an all new type of property, and knowing Rockstar, it will have a price tag to match.

It's a massive luxury yacht. With living quarters. And a helipad. Did we mention it has its own dock? Yeah. Rockstar heard you like boats, so now you can boat while you boat. Looking at all of these features contained in the yacht, you can bet that Ill-Gotten Gains' GTA$ 10 million gold plated jet will be like a matchbox compared to this beast.

Many have since been speculating how this yacht will fit into the gameplay of GTA Online. Due to the living quarters, some say it will work like any other property, and entering the yacht will open another instance. However, in that case, how will the helipad and dock work like in such a case? Would the interior of the yacht be another instance, with the exterior being a vehicle in the open world? Will dozens of yachts be buzzing around the waters of Los Santos, or will they be so insanely expensive that so few players will have them as to compensate?

Do you guys hope the GTA Online yacht rumor is true?

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