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Play the Right Missions

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Some missions are just better in terms of RP-to-time than others. The differences are usually nominal, but in the long run grinding the right missions will get you to 135 a lot quicker than going at it randomly. GTA Online players have already figured out which the best missions are through trial and error - just make sure you play for over 15 minutes:

  • Death Metal
  • Satellite Communications
  • Titan of a Job
  • Rooftop Rumble
  • Blow Up/ Blow Up 2
  • Pier Pressure

Of course, mixing some contact missions in won't hurt to mix things up - you'll need to pay attention to your wallet as well as your rank after all.

Keep the Change (Again)

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You might recognize that subheading from our Making Millions money guide. Just as in the case of cash, the smaller opportunities to gain some RP should not be shunned, as over time, they add up.

  • Don't be afraid to get into a scrap with cops, as evading police pursuit will give you x hundred RP, where x is your wanted level.
  • Play a game of golf - each game gains you 2000 RP and helps leveling up the strength skill.
  • Go to your apartment, take a shower and sing into your microphone while you do it. If you're persistent enough, the points will start coming in.

Play Premium Races

Now, we only recommend this if you're either really confident in your racing skills, or if RP is more important than cash in your case. Premium Races were introduced to the game with the Cunning Stunts DLC. The main difference between them and regular races is that Premiums have a 20K entry fee, only first place gets a money reward and all players get triple RP.

So, unless you're a super pro racer and winning is no issue, get ready to sacrifice 20K several times upon the altar of leveling up. If getting those ranks is important enough for you to "pay" for triple RP, the option is there.

Remember. Triple RP.

Take Advantage Of Double RP Events

Event Banner

In what has now become a weekly occurrence, Rockstar hosts various events in GTA Online, offering players a chance to rack up twice as much RP as usual for various jobs. Usually, these either entail newly released Adversary Modes, but at other times various regular jobs make the rotation as well. Farming these jobs while the double RP promo lasts will help you boost through the levels swiftly. Here's a recent example.

Section 2: Gang Up

Gta Online Ill Gotten Gains Screen

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Of course, playing together with friends makes ranking up easier and faster, both directly and in. When you're playing together with other players, you'll get a percentage increase for RP gain, depending on how many of your there are in any given job. Taking on missions with buddies also makes things much easier, especially if one of them is higher level than you.

Join a crew

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Being the member of a crew in GTA Online grants you an automatic +10% in RP gain across the board, which counts for quite a lot when you're doing high RP-gain activities. Plus, having a crew backing you will make progress much easier in general, as you'll always have some buddies to play together with.

Befriend A High Level Player

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Having friends in high places pays off in-game just as it does in real life. Getting someone who is already ranked high to help you out has many advantages. Griefers tend to target solo players, especially low level ones. Having an experienced and well equipped buddy along for the ride will grant your greater safety and you'll also get the increased RP bonus.

The biggest advantage, however, is gaining access to high-level missions. Naturally, the higher the level requirement of a mission, the more RP it pays out. While you may not be of a high enough rank to access the best missions for RP gain, your buddy can get you in. Their presence makes finishing said mission not only possible, but downright easy and you get a massive RP payout at the end of it.

Take Risks

Gta Online Heists New Screenshot

If you're rolling with a few friends, there are some more challenging missions that are extremely difficult to the point of being impossible for solo players that pay out really well in terms of RP.

Stocks and Scares and Dry Docking are two missions which have pretty solid RP rewards but require some skill to complete.

The other option here is to go the same way as with money grinding - heists. Heists are long, complex missions with the biggest payouts not only in terms of money, but RP as well. If you want to level up quick but also increase your wealth at a steady pace, these are the best missions. Lucky we have an awesome Heists Guide for you right here!

These are the most common tips for ranking up quickly in GTA Online. If you have any further tips to add, feel free to do so in the comments below!

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