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GTA Online Goes Small With The New RC Bandito

Rockstar hit it out of the park with this week's drip-feed DLC. Grand Theft Auto Online has become richer with both a new "vehicle" and race type. Additionally, players have the opportunity to earn up to GTA$ 1 million in free money simply by logging in often. All of this is joined by discounts and additional ways to make extra cash.

The new vehicle being added to the game this week isn't like the others. The RC Bandito is a small remote controlled car with large offroad wheels and those typical big, highly visible springs seen in most RC cars. The small vehicle is more than a toy, however, as it can be outfitted with explosives and two types of mine. It can also be extensively upgraded and customized with multiple body types based on various larger vehicles found in the game.

The RC Bandito is also ridiculously expensive. Available only to players who own an Arena, the small vehicle can be bought for GTA$ 1,590,000. Some supercars cost less. The most expensive real-life RC cars we found were manufactured by Traxxas - their most expensive model ever went for $4,500, while the currently available most expensive car is just under $1,000. While these are crazy prices for RC cars, they're still significantly less than over one and a half million dollars.

I guess the fact that you're actually buying an unlimited supply of RC Banditos, with a new one to replace trashed cars immediately makes it more understandable - plus you can strap explosives to them. A little-known fact is that the RC Bandito was initially created for GTA 5's story mode, but cut before release. Bits and pieces of it remained in the code, leading to its discovery.

Players can try out the new car in a series of small-scale races designed specifically for the Bandito. Eight new tracks are included in the RC Bandito Races mode which take your tiny cars to some areas fantastically suited to the miniaturized circuit. Track locations include LSIA, the docks, Vespucci beach and more. Playing RC Bandito Races this week will earn you double RP and GTA$.

If you'd rather stick of big cars, all Rockstar created Stunt Races pay out double as well this week, as is the Adversary Mode Running Back (Remix).

Dedicated GTA Online players also stand to get GTA$ 1 million in bonuses throughout February. Starting this weekend, every weekend in February all players who log in get a GTA$ 250,000 bonus (delivered the subsequent weekend). All of these add up to the total of one million - though that still isn't enough to buy a Bandito.

Discounts this week also aren't anything to scoff at. 30% price reductions sweep the vehicle library, with some rides going as low as 35% off. Additionally, Arena Workshop Mechanics, Arena Boost Upgrades, the Weeny Issi Arena Contender Upgrade and the Bravado Sasquatch Contender Upgrade are all 30% off.

Check back next week to see what new double GTA$ and RP opportunities await.

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