GTA Online Rat Rod Released

GTA Online got yet another surprise mini-update yesterday. Following the recently released Halloween DLC, Rockstar is taking a swing back towards the Bikers theme, even though the new addition isn't a bike. Granted, thanks to a few leaks players were expecting a different vehicle to be added, Rockstar is probably pulling the community's leg precisely because of the leaks.


We say that the DLC hearkens back to the pre-Halloween Bikers theme in spite of it not being a bike, since the vehicle clearly fits into the dirty, run-down and seedy aesthetic of the clubhouses - plus the car shares its name with one of the newly added bikes as well.


The new vehicle is none other than the Declasse Tornado Rat Rod - meaning we've come up to the sixth variant of the Tornado with the previous ones being the Clean, the Convertible, the Beater, the Mariachi and the Custom. The Rat-Rod takes the car in the direction of the counterculture offshoot of hot-rods, by tricking out a car in such a way that exposes the engine, lowers the suspension and covers what remains of the car in dirt, rust and soot.

Though not a lowrider, and thus lacking access to Benny's Original Motorworks, the Rat Rod has plenty of customization options to boot. That said, don't expect to find any paint-job or livery which covers up the rust and dents, since that would lose sight of what a Rat Rod is really all about, after all.

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The car comes at the reserved price of just $378,000 from San Andreas Super Autos, making it one of the more moderately priced vehicles of GTA Online, which is understandable. The Rat Rod is hardly a racing vehicle, as its top speed even fully upgraded is well below the average of its class. This is the kind of car you drive for the style, and to make a statement. The description reads as follows:

Who can say when the innovative hot rod designs of the 30s and 40s shaded into the grungy rat rod counterculture of subsequent decades? And who can say when that genre was overrun by mediocre welders with endless disposable income mutilating good cars and jacking off to their own edginess in the back seat? What we can say is that this beauty comes with a moist towel as standard.

A new premium race has been designated as well. Through the 7th of November, the cream of the GTA Online racing sphere will compete in the stunt race City Air, locked to the sports class. Remember folks, while only the first three finishers get payouts, everyone can revel in triple RP.


Also, Rockstar is reminding everyone that the days to take advantage of the 30% third anniversary discounts on some neat vehicles, as well as to claim the log-in reward shirts are running out. Make sure to hop on GTA Online before the 7th of November to capitalize on both promos.

Will you be picking up a Rat Rod, or are your GTA Online garages full already?


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