GTA Online: Rat Loader Minus the Bed and Unlimited, Repeated RP

Today we have a couple of handy hints for GTA Online for you. The first lets you earn unlimited RP without doing anything (other than dying) in the Crooked Cop mission. The second will enable you to obtain a Rat Loader vehicle with a bed on the back. Enjoy!

Earn Unlimited RP during Crooked Cop

Follow the instructions below to earn unlimited RP during the “Crooked Cop” mission. Note that you'll need a second player to help you!

  1. First, go to “Jobs,” and then to “Versus,” and select the “Crooked Cop” mission.
  2. When the mission begins, make your way to the army base.
  3. Get a car and drive into the army base.
  4. Wait for the tanks to arrive to attack you, and then let them kill you.
  5. You will respawn within the army base and earn 400 RP. Your wanted level will reach 4 stars, so the tanks will seek you out and kill you again.
  6. Then simply let this process repeat over and over for as long as you want!

Rat Loader without a Bed

If you want to create a Rat Loader without the bed then follow the directions below...

  1. Go to Los Santos Customs with your Rat Loader.
  2. Once there, choose “Truck Beds.”
  3. You can buy any bed you want, as long as it is not the stock option.
  4. Hold down RT if you are playing on the Xbox 360 and R2 if you are playing on the PS3 and scroll.
  5. Stop scrolling and keep trying to land on the “Stock Bed” choice without the bed actually being visible (if you don't simply hold the relevant button and scroll again until you get it).
  6. When you do, select that option and you will now have a Rat Loader without a bed.
Matt Stone

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