GTA Online Rare Vehicle Spawn Map

GTA Online's randomly spawned vehicles are significantly less diverse than that of single player. This has probably something to do with easing the load on the various players, so that people with weaker hardware don't bottleneck performance for everyone else due to the peer to peer server architecture.

This has also resulted in rare car hunting becoming something of a common hobby in the game.



Certain vehicles, while common in general, are rare in specific colors. Other vehicles are rare in any color. Some vehicles are practically impossible to stumble upon and require a given set of criteria to be met before they spawn, such as the incredibly sought after dubsta2. Some players have made it their hobby to track down rare vehicles, steal them and store them in their garages.

Well, one particular player has decided to make things easier for you if you're hunting down a rare ride. Redditor ONLINEMAN_ has put together a downloadable map tool which allows you to check out where a given vehicle is most likely to spawn.


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The map uses a GTA V style UI as well as the actual in-game map for authenticity. Colored car-icons appear on the map in locations were one or more rare vehicles have been encountered. Clicking on these brings up a list of the sighted rare cars as well as a number of stats, including sell prices, notes and more.

The author said that he created the tool as a downloadable program instead of a website simply due to his inexperience with javascript and HTML, though many users in the comments expressed that a site would be more convenient. 55 vehicles are listed in the tool spread over 30+ locations on the map.

It's also important to note that while the author vouches for the file's safety, we take no responsibility for any malicious files that appear on your device after downloading. Do so at your own risk and run the program through an anti-virus program or similar before proceeding!


Keep in mind that following this map will not guarantee the discovery of such a rare GTA Online vehicle, it simply increases your chances.

This map tool isn't a mod, addon or hack. When it is downloaded, it does not interact with your install of GTA V. It is a separate, standalone application which mimics the visual style of Grand Theft Auto. It works perfectly on a system on which the game was never even installed, so even console players can make use of it.

Have you tried tracking down rare vehicles in GTA Online before? How successful were you?

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