GTA Online Gets Rapid GT Classic, New Bonuses

Nope, it isn't the Hunter. This week's drip-fed GTA Online DLC has been released, and instead of giving the community the hotly desired fictional version of the Apache, Rockstar decided to tease us further and release a new car instead.

The Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic is the newest ride on the block, offering car enthusiasts a slightly redesigned version of the '72 Aston Martin V8 with a minor touch of Ford Mustang in the front. The car costs GTA$ 885,000 which in today's economy is quite cheap, and falls into the sports classic class.


The Rapid GT Classic isn't a record breaking racer under most conditions, so this vehicle is more for looks than performance. Class notwithstanding, this is a muscle car, and so far the game has had very few true muscle cars, which is a niche this addition seeks to pad out.

Everything else from the 80s has aged. The Rapid GT Classic has only matured. Like a fine claret or a really good boob job, each passing year adds something mysterious to its allure. Sure, that new sports coupé is half the weight, and it has a cleaner transmission. But trust us: get inside this vintage, experience the kind of technique and self-assurance only time can bestow, and you'll never waste your time on a younger model again.

One outstanding feature of the Rapid GT Classic is customizability. It isn't a Benny's vehicle, but it has many customization options which allow you to tweak both looks and performance. Among these options are some which can help you tailor the car to look a lot more like the real-life counterpart than the default version does.

On the front of gameplay bonuses, Rockstar Games is once again doubling down on their 2x GTA$ and RP promos. The double reward for playing Motor Wars, the game's newest battle royale-style Adversary Mode, had been extended into this week as well.

That promo is joined by another which will certainly curry favor with many fans. All Rockstar created Stunt Races will also pay out twice as much rewards as they usually would. Stunt Races were added to GTA Online with the Cunning Stunts update and put a fun twist on regular racing. They're worth playing anyway, but if you've fallen away, this promo makes it the best time to return to them.

If that wasn't enough, Rockstar has also slapped the double reward promo on smuggling missions from Smuggler's Run. The primary method of acquiring cash in the new update is up among the best methods, but not quite as good as export missions by default. With the promo, however, running smuggling missions is also hugely profitable. You can look to our guide in order to maximise profits.

But wait, there is more - associates are also getting double payments during the course of the event, giving you greater incentive to help out a friend who is running a business. With Rockstar throwing all of these money making techniques at players, you should rack up enough cash to buy up all of the new content in reasonable amounts of time.

Working towards the coveted goal of owning everything in GTA Online (which shouldn't be all that coveted, since it saps the game of fun) is further assisted by discounts, of which there are plenty. To boost your efficiency in the air, all countermeasures, aircraft armor upgrades and engine upgrades are 25% off.

If you'd prefer to stick to solid ground, there are discounts with you in mind as well. The Truffade Nero, the upgrade to the Nero Custom, the Pegassi Tempesta and all ground vehicle armor and engine upgrades are also 25% off.

While the Rapid GT Classic is definitely going to make car collectors happy, this update really just boils down to a lot of great money making bonuses to coast out the wait for next week's DLC. Will it be the Hunter? Will it be the Bombushka? Check back and find out.

Mike Roberts

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