GTA Online Was Down On PS4 For Almost Two Days

If you’ve been experiencing issues connecting to GTA Online through your PS4, we hope you didn’t go and give your modem the hammer treatment – the issue has been fixed now.


GTA V players first began reporting issues with connecting to the online service on Sunday, however on a small scale. The issue didn’t seem major at the time and could even have been viewed as a particularly unlucky coincidence of many isolated incidents occurring simultaneously.

Unfortunately the problems persisted, and got worse. For almost two days, the GTA Online servers were down in the Playstation 4. All players were unable to access the service at the time, and Rockstar got on the case swiftly.

We have received reports of issues connecting to GTA Online and are currently investigating. Apologies for any inconvenience

All other platforms, including the PS3, were unaffected. Rockstar has yet to comment on the cause of the outage,  or how they fixed the issue, though it might be a while until we find out what went wrong.


While players have a tendency to blame “Rockstar’s servers”, that claim isn’t at all correct. GTA Online works on a peer to peer basis, meaning the players’ platforms act as a networked server, and there are no central Rockstar servers running the game. While this saves significant resources for the company, it also makes troubleshooting much more difficult.

In fact GTA Online has a pretty  good reputation with regards to uptime, with only a few outages in the past. These usually occurred right after the release of a major update, caused by the massive influx of players all at the same time to see all the new content. It’s fared particularly well compared in terms of uptime compared to other massive online games – anyone remember trying to play World of Warcraft in the first several years of that game’s release?

Aron Gerencser
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