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GTA Online Needs To Lift Property Limits


We've all been there: some neat new DLC was launched with a bunch of new vehicles. The new rides look awesome, have great customization options and aren't insanely priced either. You wait for the update to download and boot up GTA Online. Then the realisation dawns upon you: you don't have enough garage space.


Between your six properties, you have a total of 60 saved vehicles. I mean, there is 60 of them, surely you can get rid of a few? Right? I mean, there is that old Comet that you haven't used in months... but no, no, too many memories. You don't need that Stinger GT since you don't use it for racing anyway and the convertible is better... but no, it just looks so good next to its other variant.

And so on and so forth until you've gone through all 60 cars/bikes realising that you just don't want to part with any of them. Boy, if only there were a way to spend money on more garage space so you can spend money on more cars. Is someone from Rockstar reading this? I hope someone from Rockstar is reading this.


We'd really be interested to know if there is any kind of technical reason behind the limit set on how many properties any one player may own. After all, the only thing Rockstar is achieving with this is stifling their own potential income. Back when the sixth property was introduced alongside those two vehicles in the mini-expansion for Bikers, the sixth property ended up being the bigger deal.

Players want to be able to buy more apartments and cars. Obviously, if Rockstar would lift the property, and thus vehicle, limit, Shark Card revenue would be jacked right up after everyone goes on a shopping spree to grab new garages and vehicles. This is a commonly stated community request, so why is Rockstar holding out?

Now, there might be some possible explanations. Firstly, it's possible that there is some kind of technical limitation to the number of properties that any player can own, and this limitation is difficult to curb, hence why limit increases are few and far between. Maybe the engineers over at Rockstar need time to figure out how to get around some programming issue that isn't known to us.

You might think "but how could something so simple possible be an issue?". Well, anyone familiar with programming will know that sometimes the weirdest of issues will pop up. When you have such an immensely complex game like GTA Online on your hands, it's really easy to colossally cock things up - so yeah, it's actually possible that increasing property limits causes issues.


Another possible explanation is business strategy. Maybe Rockstar knows wiping away the property limit will cause a sudden surge in Shark Card revenue, meaning they're purposefully holding off on playing this particular card, saving it for harder times.

In any case, what's sure is that GTA Online players would definitely welcome unlimited garage space and property slots.

Would you buy up a ton of new vehicles given the garage space?


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