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GTA Online Players Want Pets

Have a beautiful, luxurious penthouse apartment, but you still feel like it is missing something? Do you throw the hippest parties on your yacht, yet still feel alone? Do you always set all your properties to "open", allowing any random player to enter, just so you can have some company?

Here's the solution - get a pet!

The one who didn't feed me.
The one who didn't feed me.

Oh wait, you can't.

A number of GTA Online players have expressed their desire to own a dog, cat or may some fish in their various properties in Los Santos. Of course, they wouldn't be static "objects" just sitting around your apartment, oh no. Knowing Rockstar, if this feature does get implemented, they'd have a world of functions to go with. Take your dog for a walk. Give your cat a belly rub. Play with your pets. Feed your pets, change their water, take them to pet shows, customize your pet. Look at your fish?

Of course, players have attempted to acquire pets in rather unorthodox ways before, but these usually don't pay off.

A while back after seeing modders spawn animals in apartments, I asked a modder to spawn a cat in mine, he spawned a mountain lion for which I was promptly attacked. I should have been more specific.

Making the dog and cat functional pets would certainly help in making your properties feel more homey. Adding the fish as ridiculously overpriced luxury items would give players some end-game bling to strive for.

My buddy

Overall, this relatively easy-to-implement feature would certainly make many players pretty damn happy. Naturally, there would be some issues dealing with pet death. Would they be immortal? Would you be penalized for killing a player's pet? Would large dogs be used in combat? Would pet-killers be given a large bounty for being terrible human beings?

Would you like to see pets added to GTA Online?

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