GTA Online Player Starts Taxi Service

GTA Online has a massive amount of content for players to explore and enjoy. With the constant stream of content packed DLC updates and the occasional Adversary Mode thrown in just 'cause, even people with an inexhaustible supply of free time would find it hard to get bored. However, sometimes you just want something different from a game, rather than something more.


One particular player, Lesi20, decided to make their own fun in GTA Online and "created" a new game mode. Lesi20 started up his own taxi service. He has a garage full of bright yellow vehicles each with the "Taxi" crew emblem on them. He's covered all the flavours, from fully ticked out lowrider, through heavy vehicles like the armored Kuruma and sports cars all the way to vintage and off-road.

He drives around the world of GTA Online, looking for players just standing around. As far as his account goes this is a pretty good method of getting passengers.


There's is a high chance (Usually 4 out 5 people) that they enter the car. Then I ask them for a direction (They usually set a waypoint) and I drive them there.

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Now, we all know that GTA Online is full of unruly folk, so other than setting himself to passive Lesi20 also makes sure that other players can only enter his rides as passengers. Add to that bulletproof tires and he's mostly safe, though the Kuruma's armor does come in handy at times.


He's something of a lucky player as based on his comments most people usually aren't hostile towards him. This, in GTA Online, is a rare occurrence indeed. He has a crew dedicated to driving cabs going so if you too feel this generous and want to play the game a different way, have at it. GTA Online really needs more good samaritans like Lesi20.

Have you guys ever invented alternative activities in GTA Online?


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