GTA Online Player Makes His Own Fun With Cargobob

Oh, the Cargobob. This slow, hulking piece of aerial machinery has flown its way into the hearts of GTA Online players all over. After an update nerfed the poor vehicle and removed some functionality, the community outcry almost drained out the constant complaints about the rampant hackers. Finally, in the most recent update the Cargobob was "fixed" and returned into its form that the community much prefers.


Players quickly reintroduced the fan favorite into GTA Online's typical shenanigans. We've often highlighted ways in which creative players step outside the regular mechanics of GTA Online to make their own fun. Some players go hiking, some players start a taxi service.


Other players search for small groups who are having a spat, air drop a tank into the fray and watch the chaos unfold. Reddit user and GTA Online player Sma11ey has recently started what seems to have become a trend in Online. He uses the aforementioned Cargobob to grab a tank then flies around looking for a group of players who are having at each other. He "strategically places" the armored death machine and retreats to a safe distance.

Sometimes it takes a few minutes before somebody gets it, and I've even seen it been stolen from the first player to get it


While some may consider this "butting in", it sure as hell is better than griefing or hacking. This little tank surprise certainly mixes things up a bit for spontaneous freemode spats between rival groups. It once again displays that the GTA Online community doesn't only know how to play the game, but knows how to "play" the game. Several Reddit commenters have stated that they'll be doing similar things having been inspired by the original post.

What kinds of intuitive ways do you guys have of making your own entertainment in GTA Online?

Aron Gerencser
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