GTA Online Player Farms GTA$ 60 Million In 24 Hours

Various cultures throughout human history are absolutely loaded with adages about hard work, dedication and commitment being the key to success and wealth. When these were coined we doubt that grinding for ridiculous amounts of virtual money in Grand Theft Auto Online was what people had in mind, but one player who managed to farm over GTA$ 60,000,000 in one day certainly took it to heart.

Posted on the dedicated GTA Online sub, user mahanpourfakhr created a sped-up video montage of the epic grind. Over the course of an uninterrupted - we assume they did get some food, drink and bathroom breaks - monster play session lasting 24 real-world hours (that's 30 in-game days), by using the most lucrative money earning methods, the player managed to grind out over 60 million.

Making $60 Million in on day montage from gtaonline


While GTA Online is a notorious virtual money sink with all kinds of mission-specific properties, fancy vehicles and expensive orbital lasers, you could definitely subsist off that much in the bank for a good long while - at least until the next major DLC is released.

Since the video is a montage, we don't know the exact methods and activities used by mahanpourfakhr to achieve this magnitude of income, but they did reveal a short list of what the main sources were. They do caution players against doing this themselves in the comments, saying it was just a "one time thing" in order to see if it is possible.

The player delivered 10 special cargo crates, sold the contents of a full Nightclub Warehouse twice, sold the contents of a full Bunker twice, ran 10 Bikers Sale Missions, 2 full runs from a Hangar, 2 runs of the Cayo Perico Heist Finale, 2 runs of the Diamond Casino Heist Finale and a pair of vehicle cargo deliveries.

Note that some of the preparation and setup for these missions wasn't done as part of the 24 hour grind, so if you want to replicate this from scratch it'll take longer.

Taking all of this into account, mahanpourfakhr averaged GTA$ 2,500,000 an hour. This is a bigger take than what you'd be earning with our GTA$ 500,000 an hour method, but keep in mind that averages are skewed by large payouts from the Heists, meaning a consistent method that doesn't require such a marathon is better for long-term earning.

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