GTA Online Patch 1.10 Released


The newest patch for GTA Online has brought updates. Most notably, Patch 1.10 brought back the Rat Loader vehicle (which can be found at the in-game website until the next Title Update), removed the Mechanic from Personal Vehicle deliveries, and implemented the ability for solo players to earn money from Races. Additionally, if you kill a passive player, you will now have to pay their hospital bills and you can choose to lower the attack priority against your Friends.

The update also fixed numerous glitches and bugs—including the latest vehicle duplication cheats.

We’re pretty sure there are already players hard at work trying to find the next way to get infinite money by cloning their vehicles. Surprisingly, however, more fans are upset over the removal of the Mechanic than anything else. It seems the Mechanic had more fans than Rockstar thought.

The Valentine’s Day Massacre Special content is also live now.

For some people, the patch has caused a couple of minor problems. If your first garage vehicle doesn’t appear to have any insurance, look at the vehicle and press down on the D-pad to check for sure. If it isn’t ensured, your best option is to enter a solo session and insure it at LSC.

If the game is claiming you don’t have access to your own vehicles, open the Interaction menu and set “Vehicle Access” to “Everyone.”

The reaction to this new update has generally been positive. If you’re interested in learning all the changes included in the patch, you can check out Rockstar’s full patch notes here.

Trevor Phillips
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