GTA Online Nightclub DLC "After Hours" Dropping July 24

Rockstar Games has finally announced the release date and official name of the upcoming, highly anticipated nightclub themed DLC, and also confirmed the return of a popular character.

Grand Theft Auto Online: After Hours will be released on the 24th of July, next Tuesday. The announcement was accompanied by one of the longest trailers any GTA Online DLC ever got, filled with some major hints too.


The biggest reveal the trailer contained was confirmation that one of the series' most iconic characters is making a triumphant return, and we totally called this. "Gay" Tony Prince will be coming to Los Santos to breathe new life into the night club scene, and he will act as the NPC manager of your nightclub business and contact. Aside Tony, Lazlow is also making a return.

Gay Tony was a central character of one of GTA 4's episodes, The Ballad Of Gay Tony. He was the owner of Liberty City's top night club, and the player character, Luis Lopez, had to save his boss from all kinds of trouble - but we won't spoil any of that here. At the end of the DLC, Tony travels away from Liberty City but his destination is not specified.

Now we know where he was going - or at least where he arrived. Tony came to Los Santos to start anew and he apparently needs your help.

During Tony's narration of the trailer, we gain insight into some of the content of the upcoming DLC. We already knew that After Hours will consolidate your businesses to a single location, but now we saw what that might look like.

A combined warehouse with all sorts of goods pertaining to multiple business types is seen for a split second protected by a SecuroServe guard, as well as what might be a vehicle warehouse within the same building. This latter room better fits the visuals of a garage which may be included with your venue.

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Considering the rate at which Rockstar pumps out new vehicles, more garage space is always welcome. This potential garage space is marked with a "B2" decal, indicating it might have multiple levels like the executive offices available to CEOs.

Speaking of new vehicles, After Hours will be packed with them. The trailer is filled with several shots where rides not in the game currently can be seen, and a few even identified. The eagle eyed fans have already spotted a Jester Classic WITH LIVERIES, Ocelot Swinger, Pounder Custom and an unnamed party-van and new limo.

The on-going Guest List promotion, which Rockstar is using to hype up After Hours even further, is slated to include exclusive deals and discounts on these new vehicles, so keep an eye out if you are eligible. Beyond simply having new vehicles, After Hours looks like it will also bring new ways to interact with these vehicles, as one scene shows a Flash GT rolling off a trailer mid-transit.

The DJs joining the soundtrack lineup of the game - Solomun, Tale of Us, Dixon and The Black Madonna - are also making cameos in the game as NPC DJs you need to recruit via missions of their own. By completing these missions, you presumably unlock the DJ to perform at your venue, making it more appealing to clubgoers.

Also featured in the trailer are various tidbits which, out of context do not mean much, but are still cause of excitement. A blimp with a nightclub logo on it is seen meaning customized blimps might be used for marketing, and are possibly even pilotable. An outdoor stage is also seen at one point, which means you might be able to organize out-of-venue parties, or it may be related to a mission.

The trailer is also presented in a way that suggest some kind of fleshed out overarching storyline connecting the missions. In the past, big DLCs like Further Adventures in Finance and Felony or Import/Export had a lot of content but no narrative what so ever. The Doomsday Heist changed this a bit, but not in an overt manner. This looks like it actually has a proper plot.

We'll find out the details when GTA Online: After Hours is released next Tuesday.

Logan Smith

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