GTA Online Might Be Getting New Sports Modes

The way GTA Online DLCs keep leaking, we might not even need official announcements anymore for them.  The game files of the recently released Lowriders: Custom Classics DLC also contained data pertaining to future updates for the game. It wasn’t long before these files were discovered and loaded up to see what info could be revealed.


The Custom Classics DLC was also leaked ahead of schedule, revealing one of the new cars that was added to Benny’s, as well as another one that is still on its way. The Custom Classics trailer ended with a teaser saying that more lowriders were coming soon – true enough, the files of Custom Classics contain more cars than just the three that were added.

Some of the new assets and prompts that were discovered in the files all follow the same theme: sports. American “football” (handegg?) specifically. The assets make it seem like the new update will contain a new Adversary Mode which is styled after football, using the titular prop as a “package”.


The models found are that of the actual football, the large goal, a football jersey and the in-game floating icon for the job. The various prompts suggest it will be a team based mode where players compete to score points with a package. Whoever carries the package will be unable to use weapons and a sudden death system will also be implemented.

A reference to the name of the mode has also been discovered. A line of code suggests that the new game type will be called “Inch by Inch” – a name that has been thoroughly ridiculed by the folks over at GTAForums. Seriously though, the name does seem to back up the evidence suggesting a sports themed update.

Whether or not this new Adversary Mode will be released in the same update as the remaining lowrider vehicles is unknown. If not, however, this will be the first time in GTA V history that we have more than one DLC leaked prior to any kind of official announcement.


Rockstar has been extremely hot on their Adversary Modes lately, releasing new mode after mode. While these modes are varied and creative, some players have begun to note “Adversary Mode fatigue”, asking for other kinds of gameplay additions. Bringing a wider range of sports minigames to GTA Online like Tennis would be a refreshing change.

Would you prefer a football Adversary Mode or sports minigames to be added to GTA Online?

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