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What New Features For Yachts Would You Like To See?

GTA Online's most recent DLC, Executives and Other Criminals was released a few days ago and brought with it a record number of new features. Most prominent among them is undoubtedly the three imposing luxury yachts players may buy... if they happen to have more than half a dozen million in $GTA lying around.


The large ships function as properties with all kinds of features and customization options, as well as their own defense system - if you're buying a higher-end model. The three yachts represent three tiers, each being more advanced, and more expensive, and the last.

While the heaviest hitter, the Aquarius, has enough furnishings to interact with that you can waste upwards of an hour trying out all the functions, even the most basic Orion has plenty of gameplay features.

However, there is always room for improvement and this is after all the first attempt at yachts in GTA Online by Rockstar. Hence the community has taken to a Reddit page dedicated to discussing what features should be added to the yachts.

One of the most frequent requests is the ability to actually initiate parties on your yacht as a feature, rather than having to call together your mates. This would work by flagging your yacht as a party location on the minimap, which would in turn open it to all players, plus a number of NPCs would also be spawned.

Other requests include the addition of a heist room (like in apartments), more customization options, specifically more flag variations, and the possibility to pick what vehicles spawn on and around the ship.


A submarine bay on the underside of the yacht is also a much requested feature, which would allow for quick getaways in case the yacht is invaded (of course this has no chance of happening due to game mechanics, but it would be flashy for sure).

What feature would you want to see added to GTA Online's yacht?


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