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GTA Online Gets New Car, Massive Rockstar Pack On Humble Bundle

Alongside your typical helping of DLC this week Rockstar Games has teamed up with Humble Bundle to support the Rainforest Alliance. So just in case you don't have all the older GTA titles, you can now grab many of them stupidly cheap while also helping combat climate change and rural poverty.

New DLC - Pfister Neon

The new vehicle, an electric supercar, falls into the category of "really expensive but not worth the price in terms of performance", meaning that the new Pfister Neon is one of those cars which, unless you really like the looks of it, or electric cars are your thing, you should probably pass on. The ride is based mainly on the Porsche Mission E with a number of visual changes. Performance modifications are minimal, but you can do more visual customization with it than with last week's ride.

In terms of performance, the Neon follows the typical GTA Online electric car trend of accelerating like an absolute beast, but not really excelling in any other area. Top speed isn't a record breaker, it handles like ass and the brakes are weak. Driving the Neon isn't much of an experience, but it requires a lot of it. The price isn't a strong suit either, as this ride will set you back GTA$ 1,500,000.

New Adversary Mode - Hardest Target

The new Adversary Mode on offer, called Hardest Target, is a riff on one of Rockstar's older Adversary Modes. Two teams face off one another in a team deathmatch scenario with a twist - each team has a player designated as a target, and only killing that target will score points. Unlike in the previous mode based on this mechanic, the target does not remain the target until death, but rather the bearer of... targethood (?) changes every minute. If targets kill targets, extra points are earned.

While slapping a single modified mechanic on an existing game mode and calling it a new one seems a little too far on the "cost-effective" side of creating new content, the current Adversary Mode framework doesn't exactly accommodate sub-groups within modes themselves, so this was likely the only way to make the gameplay structure work. As is usual, the new mode will yield double RP and GTA$ until the next DLC drop, which is February 5th.

Discounts in GTA Online a looking a bit more diverse this week compared to the offering last week, and there are some bonuses to keep an eye out for beyond the double rewards in the Adversary Mode. Special Cargo deliveries - whoo, boy, it's been a while since those were relevant - now yield 25% more income, and bunker research projects are also 25% quicker.

The Farmhouse and Thomson Scrapyard bunker properties are both 25% off, as are all bunker renovations and Mobile Operations Center cabs. Bunkers aren't the only kind of mission-specific property on discount, as cargo warehouses and executive office upgrades also have the same discount. A number of vehicles are discounted too, with the Cargobob being the sole 35% off deal, while all others - the LF-22 Starling and the Grotti Cheetah Classic - are 25% off. Finally, also falling into the magic 25% discount pool, are bulletproof tires and vehicle armor.

Humble Bundle

Stepping away from GTA Online, Rockstar has teamed up with Humble Bundle to put together an offer that is hard to refuse unless you already own all these games. A huge selection of legacy Rockstar titles is on offer for a minuscule fraction of what they're worth, and purchasing the bundle has the added benefit of supporting the Rainforest Alliance, a charity organization endeavoring to make our planet less trash. It's a win-win-win scenario.

For a single dollar (!) you get a bundle of four games including Manhunt, GTA: Vice City, GTA 3 and Max Payne. It's one dollar, and you get four games that are universally lauded, some outright genre defining! If you haven't played these yet, you have absolutely no excuse not to pick them up. If you beat the average payment price, which at the time of writing is $8, you get all of the above plus Bully: Scholarship Edition, GTA: San Andreas, L.A. Noire and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. Considering you're getting eight games for a price less than what any of these cost usually, it's still a brutal bargain that you should definitely double down on.

The most expensive tier, coming in at $15, adds a ton of value on top of all that - and remember, some of the games in the lower tiers alone cost $15 when not in a bundle. In addition to everything else, this tier gets you all of L.A. Noire's DLC, GTA IV, Episodes from Liberty City and the complete edition of Max Payne 3 including all DLC. Talk about a motherload of games, and they cost less than a sandwich does in some downtown diners.

Already over 33,000 bundles have been sold, and we're sure that number will multiply by several factors over the course of the 13 days that it is available.


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