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GTA Online Secretly Updated, New Car Available

Rockstar, the sneaky bunch that they are, have snuck out a new GTA Online update earlier today, accompanied by some discounts and a free shirt. It seems like your standard fare weekly event with an extra thrown in - namely, a new car.

Just one, though.


We recently reported that one of the recently leaked cars that were slated to arrive in GTA Online sometime soon, the Proto Tipo, was seen on the streets of Los Santos by multiple players. How this was possible considering that the car has yet to be released was beyond the guess of anyone, however it was most likely the result of hacks.

There has yet to be any kind of official announcement (at the time of writing, at least), however it seems that Rockstar has now released the vehicle to everyone, accompanied by a new weekend event.


Renamed the Grotti X80 Proto, the new car costs an insane GTA $ 2.7 million. 2.7 million. That price tag makes the Proto the most expensive car in the game currently.

But what does all that cash buy you? Players have reported that in a straight line, the Proto is now the fastest car in the game (well, it was for a while anyway). It also has the best acceleration, however the handling - as can be expected - is horrible for a trade off. At high speeds, even the smallest turn will send the car spinning wildly out of control.


The new car also has some sweet paint job options. You can customize primary, secondary, accent and trim colors to make your investment truly unique. The vehicle has some upgrade options if you have some spare cash to tune it to perfection.

The new car isn't the only treat Rockstar has in store for the fans. A new weekly event has also kicked off by the looks of things. There are a few decent discounts going on as well as a log in reward shirt on offer. Several vehicles have had their prices slashed by 50%, including the Valkyrie, the Toro and the three Swift variants.


On PC, this update has a size of 55.2 MB. It was the Steam update indicator which ticked off several players about some changes coming to GTA Online. The new car wasn't hyped up at all or announced, so it is an easy thing to miss if you're not paying attention.

Have you already bought yourself a new Proto? Is it you new favorite car in GTA Online?


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