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With the double RP and GTA $ promo going on for Slasher, Beast vs. Slasher and Come out to Play, Rockstar felt like this is a good time to drop another one of its Adversary Mode Guide posts. With both Slasher and Come out to Play having been covered before, Beast vs. Slasher is joined by two other newer modes in this post.


We've adapted the majority of these posts into our own guides, which we've also expanded with our own tips in order to give you the edge over everyone else so you can nick those double rewards. This time around, Rockstar is looking at Beast vs. Slasher, Till Death do us Part and Extraction.

First up is Beast vs. Slasher, a mash-up of GTA Online's horror themed Adversary Mode and Freemode Events' most iconic activity. Unlike the regular Slasher Mode, this game sees an entire team of masked ax murderers take on not one, but similarly a team of semi-werewolves.



The slashers are further separated into three denominations: Heavy, Demolition and Assault. Heavies carry well-stocked miniguns, with one crux - ammo doesn't restock upon biting the dust. Those of the assault class wield railguns, while Demos carry RPGs, with the same ammo restriction.

Other than this, they all carry a number of other weapons which are identical across the classes. Slashers also have another special ability strengthening them: thermal vision. This will help the masked killers identify their quarry. Another good way to keep an eye on your opponents is by keeping close watch on the minimap, as Beasts are always marked when they reach a checkpoint.


While the slashers are mere mortals, their thermal vision and heavy arsenals still pose a threat to the superhuman beasts. Blessed with extreme speed, the ability to jump really high, temporary invisibility while being cursed with a furry body, the beasts don't have much of a fighting chance.

While slashers are limited in ammo, the Achilles' heel of the beasts is that using abilities consumes health, and said abilities will become unavailable when health is too low. That said, with the health regen of the beasts, you'll regain 75% of the green when standing still. Depending on your situation, choose wisely between enticing health pickups and other hidden nooks where you can get a breather.


You'll need to plan ahead and think of the order in which you'll hit the checkpoints. Those which are out in the open present a bigger threat, so ticking them off early on is a good idea. Relying on invisibility is a good idea when the crap hits the fan, but it doesn't provide complete safety - thermal vision detects you even when invisible.

The second mode on the menu, Till Death do us Part, was introduced with the Valentine's Day DLC. This Adversary Mode takes the phrase "I can't live without you" all too literally. Each team is composed of two players, forming a "couple", with one life in between the them - meaning that if one of them dies, they both do.

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Sticking together has the added benefit of a health regen boost. The key aspect of Till Death do us Part is communication and cooperation. Like in any marriage, if you stop speaking, bad things happen. This isn't your regular team deathmatch where you go off on your own merry without a second thought (though even in TDM, that's a bad idea).

You'll need to be mindful of one another, while also keeping an eye out for your opponents. As mentioned before, sticking together is a good bet, however strategically splitting up in order to get your enemies in a crossfire may sometimes be prudent - just don't get bogged down arguing over custody.


When it comes to combat, there are a few things to keep in mind. For whatever reason, hitting the head won't increase damage in this Adversary Mode, so aim for body-shots in order to maximize accuracy. Melee attacks become particularly useful in this mode, as an opponent knocked to the ground won't be able to shoot. Scoring a kill is doubly beneficial, as you instantly regenerate 1/3 of your health while also scoring a point.

In Extraction, a VIP target needs to escape a hit-squad far from civilization after their plane was downed. A bodyguard squad nearby is ready to lend assistance, however neither they nor the hit-squad know the exact location of the target. Being armed with a flare gun, as the target you have a choice before you: shoot off a flare signaling your bodyguards while also giving away your position, or staying hidden from both friend and foe?


If you choose to hide, you'll be better off getting as far away from the crash site as possible, as that's where the hit-squad will look for you first. If you've got communication down with your bodyguards, the flare gun will be pretty much useless, as you'll be able to guide them to your location without it.

Playing as a bodyguard lays the responsibility of getting the target out of the hot-zone alive, which will be best performed with a vehicle. However, you'll need to pick carefully, and the obvious choices may not be the best. Helicopters take stealth out of the equation and bikes, though quick, offer no protection what so ever. Grabbing a larger vehicle, armed and armored, might have you sacrificing speed, but in the end, the payoff is worth it.


Playing as an assassin also requires planning. Obviously, you should keep an eye out for the telltale flare, however in lieu of such an obvious giveaway, you'd do good to stalk the bodyguards instead of engaging them. Killing bodyguards doesn't help you score, however they might lead you to the target whom you can pick off before they get into their vehicle, or along with their ride.

Hopefully these tips will help you along on your efforts to dominate Adversary Mode lobbies. You can expect further similar posts in the future, also giving useful tips and tricks.

Which Adversary Mode in GTA Online is your personal favorite?

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